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Inbound Call Center Software

Increase customer satisfaction by giving your agents
the tools they need.

What is an inbound call center?

Inbound call centers are call centers which handle inbound calls, as opposed to both inbound and outbound. These call centers can answer questions, help callers pay their bills, or take comments and complaints. When combined with modern technology, they can be extremely effective methods of satisfying customers.

What is an inbound call center software?

Inbound call center software is a technology solution that helps manage and streamline incoming customer calls in a call center environment. This software enables call center agents to efficiently handle and resolve customer inquiries, provide support, and ensure a positive customer experience.

As a contact center, you need to be able to make use of multiple types of inbound contact center solutions in order to talk to customers: calls, emails, chats, and other means of communication can all be a part of it. Inbound call management software which allows one agent to use multiple types of media is called omnichannel software; if one agent can only handle one type of media, it is called multi-channel.

MightyCall Inbound Call Center Solution

Inbound call types

As discussed above, inbound calling software can help you deal with calls which are coming into your contact center. Here are some examples:

  • Help requests: Do callers have a question about something that your call center may help oversee?
  • Payments and Billing: Do callers want to pay their bills over the phone? This is still an extremely common way of paying bills for some folks.
  • Complaints: This one is not always so fun, but do callers want to complain about a product or a service rendered? This could fall on you.
  • Questions: Perhaps callers just are unsure about how a product works or how a service functions.
  • Technical support: Sometimes people don’t understand how certain things work, and a Google search won’t do it for them. That’s where you can come in.
  • Cancellations: Does someone want to cancel their subscription? You can help them with that.

MightyCall’s inbound call center solution

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MightyCall’s VoIP system: turning internet connections into communication channels. Your shortcut to having an efficient, modern inbound call center solution.

  1. Sign Up – Register on the MightyCall website and choose a plan that’s suitable for your business needs.
  2. Customize Your Settings – Configure your call flow, set up a virtual receptionist, and personalize your call scripts as per your requirements in order to tailor your inbound call center system to your needs.
  3. Integrate CRM – Connect your existing CRM system to MightyCall for seamless customer data sharing and streamlined operations.
  4. Train Your Team – Brief your team on how to use the inbound call center effectively.
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Vital inbound call center software features to empower your support team

Call routing

Being able to direct calls which are coming to your call center is one of the most important aspects of any serious inbound call center service. With this feature, you can preset the path that calls take. This can ensure that callers get to where they want to go - and that your agents can help where they are needed most.

Simultaneous ring

During certain high volume periods, you may need your staff to be able to scramble to pick up any calls which they can get. With the simultaneous ring feature, they can do that. Instead of having calls come into a particular agent or in a particular order, they simply ring everyone at once - first come, first served.

Call queues

Sometimes, however, you may simply get overwhelmed with callers. This is normal - it happens to any businesses during high call periods (plus, it’s not exactly a bad thing!). To help mitigate the issues which can accompany these high call periods, the call queue feature lets you have callers “queue up” and wait on hold.

Queue Callback

However not everyone loves being made to wait on hold when they are contacting a call center. That is why MightyCall gives the option to ask for a callback; their waiting spot becomes a virtual call, and the agent, when they have time, calls back the person, instead of the person having to wait on hold until speaking with someone.

Multi-level IVR

With this handy feature, you can potentially help customers get the answers they need without even having to speak to anyone, also freeing up your agents from having to deal with simple or quick questions.

Business Hours

One of the most important things you can do is make sure you do not miss incoming calls. With Business Hours, you can guarantee that, if your inbound call center service is not 24/7, you do not miss calls from outside your hours.

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way

How does an inbound call center software work?

There are lots of different ways that you can operate your call centers. Some options are based around tickets, whereas others are based around answering calls which are incoming.

  • The caller places a call: Here, the caller begins the process with a phone call. They can be calling for any reason. Usually, with modern inbound call center platforms, they will first be directed to a “central” number, from which they can start their (hopefully short!) journey.
  • The caller operates the IVR system: With most new inbound call center management solutions, callers can be directed to an agent using what is called an IVR, or “Interactive Voice Response,” system. With this, they can respond (via the phone’s number pad or with their voice) to prompts which you have set up ahead of time.
  • The caller encounters an agent: Hopefully the IVR path was correct, and the caller has been directed to an agent. Here, they can ask and get help or pay their bills (or achieve whatever other goal they had hoped to achieve when calling). If the agent cannot help, they can transfer the caller to someone who can.
  • The caller has their questions answered and the agent makes a note: When the caller is satisfied, the call ends. With some solutions, the agent can then make a note on the call for other agents to see so that they can be informed as to what went on should the same person call for help again.

Benefits of inbound call center solution

There are lots of reasons why going with an inbound call management solution is a great idea:

Happier staff

Having a service built around providing your staff with more flexibility and more tools for success is a great way to start off. They will feel motivated and more comfortable.

Useful statistics

Get all sorts of call center metrics, like dropped calls, connected calls, call lengths, and other pieces of information.

Better customer service

With more modern tools, you can reach clients in more ways – and in ways they may prefer to be reached.

Less geographic restrictions

New inbound call center software can work from basically anywhere with Wi-Fi – which means that your employees can work from anywhere too.

Why MightyCall?

Cutting-edge automation

With our virtual receptionist feature, you won’t miss any crucial calls. Our intelligent routing system and automated greetings create a seamless and professional calling experience for your customers and increase customer satisfaction.

MightyCall Call Routing

Unparalleled multichannel support

MightyCall’s VoIP call center supports various communication channels. From voice calls to social media interactions, we ensure your customers connect with you effortlessly through their preferred mode of communication.

Tailored CRM integration

Our software for inbound call centers easily integrates with most internet CRM systems. This feature equips your team with necessary customer information, promoting personalized interactions and subsequently, improved customer relations.

Empowering analytics

Our advanced call analytics provide insights into your contact center operations. Through analyzing call durations, response times, and more, you can continually optimize your service, enhancing overall business performance.

Secure and reliable service

At MightyCall, we prioritize your data security. Our hosted VoIP solution uses secure VoIP technology, ensuring your call data is encrypted, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Innovative customization

With our customizable call scripts, your call center team will always be prepared to provide excellent service and handle inbound calls. These scripts guide customer interactions, fostering consistent, high-quality communication.

Call center VoIP software from MightyCall is the choice for businesses aiming to leverage the benefits of cloud technology while experiencing our unique, customer-focused approach to service delivery.

How much does an inbound call center software cost?

How much inbound call center software for your business costs can vary dramatically in price, depending on the sort of software you are looking for. Some truly bare-bones inbound call center solutions are cheap as can be, less than ten dollars per user a month. Some, however, can be dramatically higher, in the upper hundreds. This is made more difficult by the fact that some services have hidden fees.

But MightyCall is clear-cut, with a simple to understand pricing scheme.

How to integrate an inbound call center solution into other business tools?

With modern technology, you do not have to keep everything separate. Tech is increasingly being made with the idea of inter-functionality and integration being embedded into the products – and contact center solutions are no different. Newer call center software like MightyCall makes it easy to integrate your preferred tools into your business operations (like Hubspot and Zoho).

When you integrate MightyCall with the former, you can call straight from your Hubspot board – ditto all of your calls and other key pieces of information. Likewise, you can get special insights with Hubspot Analytics.

HubSpot Analytics

Most common KPIs to be measured in an inbound call center

  • Average Call Handling Time: This KPI refers to how fast are calls handled (as in, how long they last) and how fast are calls picked up
  • Customer happiness: This concerns how happy your customers are with your service
  • IVR Abandonment Rate: This KPI is over how quickly callers give up on your IVR service before actually speaking with a human
  • Average Hold Time: AHT is rather straightforward, dealing with how long your callers are on hold
  • First Contact Resolution: FCR measures how often callers only need to make one contact in order to resolve their issues
  • Average Call Work Rate: The KPI deals with after the call, primarily how long it takes agents to note things about the call or otherwise clean things up

Best practices for choosing an inbound call center platform

When choosing an inbound call center software, it is important to consider several factors in order to get the maximum and solve all your work tasks as efficiently as possible:

  • Pay attention to price: It’s important to think about how much the system costs. Prices per member can end up being higher than you think.
  • Analyze the holes in your system: What do you need to be doing better? There are likely tools that can help you solve existing problems – you should look into what they might be.
  • Figure out what your agents need: Talking to your customer service team is key. There are likely things they would appreciate having at their fingertips – find out if you can provide them with them.
  • See what help you might require: There may be certain customer support tools you know that you will need from a potential call center platform; get them before you need them, instead of making yourself need to scramble.
  • Keep in mind any changes you may have planned: Hopefully, your business is going to rapidly grow in the coming months. If you are transitioning to a work from home approach, or from a work from home approach to a more centralized location, be sure to prepare properly for that.
  • Talk to other contact centers: When picking new systems, it helps to talk to those who have already done so; make sure to ask others about their experiences.
  • Look up reviews: It helps to know what other users have thought about potential software. Did they like the service? Were the things you’ll be using most well received?
  • Try for free trials: Before committing to a service, make sure to give it a test drive – or at least take part in a demo.

Best inbound call center software


The best inbound call center software we have on our list is MightyCall. With dozens of features, including many which are key for call centers, this is an ideal call center solution.


MightyCall Cloud Call Center


  • Automatic Call Distribution feature is great for inbound contact centers
  • Call recording is extremely easy to set up
  • Call Notes keeps synergy across your agents


  • Video conferencing is absent

Pricing per/user month, paid yearly, unless otherwise stated:

  • Core: $15
  • Pro: $20
  • Enterprise: Contact for details

Best for

  • MightyCall is best for SMBs to call centers.


Nextvia, with years of experience, now incorporates AI into their call center solution, giving them a spot on our list of top inbound call center software.

Key features:

  • Auto attendant
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Multi-level auto attendant



  • Built around being able to provide video conferencing, good for call centers which put a premium on face-to-face
  • AI can be useful for inbound call centers
  • Lowest tier offers toll free numbers


  • Call recording is not on all plans
  • AI can also feel gimmicky

Pricing At 5-19 users, per year the costs are:

  • Essential: $21.95/per month/user
  • Professional: $25.95/per month/user
  • Enterprise: $35.95/per month/user

Best For

  • Nextiva is best for small to medium-sized businesses.


Many people are looking for flexibility when it comes to the implementation of inbound call center software. Well with Aircall, look no further; it’s this which has garnered it a spot on our list.


  • Queue callback
  • IVR
  • Desktop notifications

aircall interface


  • IVR is available on all tiers
  • Coaching features can help agents with difficult inbound calls
  • Tons of integrations


  • Call analytics does not go back further than six months
  • More expensive than others

Pricing per/user month, paid yearly, unless otherwise stated:

  • Essentials: $30
  • Professional: $50
  • Custom: Contact them for details

Best for

  • Aircall is a solid choice for mid-sized call centers.


Like AirCall, RingCentral places a premium on flexibility; their inbound call center solution is also extremely easy to use.

Key features:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call flip
  • Auto call recording



  • IVR is on lowest tier
  • Thought-out call monitoring helps managers oversee processes
  • Rated as very easy to use inbound call center solution


  • Support quality has been perceived as weak by some users


  • Core: $20/per user
  • Advanced: $25/per user
  • Ultra: $35/per user

Best for

  • RingCentral is best for SMBs.


CloudTalk is an inbound call center software solution known for its international character, having tons of international numbers.


  • Smart queueing
  • Skill-based routing
  • Unlimited inbound calling

cloudtalk interface


  • Unlimited inbound calling feature is pretty key for inbound call center software
  • Lowest tier has automated call distribution
  • International character useful for businesses which wish to expand


  • Setting up IVR has been reported to be difficult
  • Unlimited concurrent calls is only on the highest tier

Pricing per/user month, paid yearly, unless otherwise stated:

  • Starter: $25
  • Essential: $30
  • Expert: $50
  • Custom: Contact them

Best for

  • CloudTalk is best for big call centers.

An inbound call center solution can be a game changer for your business

Switching to a new piece of call center technology can be a daunting task. There’s a lot to look for – but if you pick the right solution, you can really supercharge your business.

Which is why we recommend you consider MightyCall. With features built for growing businesses, a support staff that can’t be beat, and extremely high uptime, you won’t be disappointed.


Got questions?

Our customer care team is standing
by and ready to help you!

MightyCall lets you run business communications your way:   Simple Efficient Organized

See how MightyCall
can help your business

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way