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MightyCall Blog

Toll-free Numbers in Canada: How to Get One for Your Business

Table of Contents

What is a Canadian Toll-Free Number?

Toll-free numbers allow callers in Canada, United States, and the Caribbean to contact your company without incurring any charges. These numbers can have codes such as 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888, 310, and are accessible in all 20 countries in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). This service is highly sought after by customers as they do not have to pay to speak with a business, especially if they have already purchased a product and need to resolve any issues with customer support.

This service is not limited to a specific geographic area or time zone, making it highly convenient for customers. This level of accessibility is important for customer satisfaction, as receiving a large mobile bill after addressing an issue with a fridge that suddenly stopped working, for example, can add frustration and may drive them to seek out a competitor.

What Toll-free Area Codes are Available in Canada?

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) is a system used to manage the allocation of phone numbers and area codes across the United States, Canada, and other countries in North America. This is because Canada’s phone number list is almost the same as the US’s.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for overseeing this system in the United States. The first three digits of a phone number, also known as the “area code,” indicate the geographical region of the phone number, while the next three digits, known as the “exchange code,” indicate the specific phone exchange. The final four digits of the phone number are known as the “line number.”

Area codes were first introduced in 1947, when the NANP was established. The list of toll-free prefix numbers is constantly growing and expanding to meet the demand.

Some providers allow for 800 numbers in Canada and 310-numbers to be used in a “shared-cost service,” where the call is free for people dialing from landlines but sometimes not free from cell phones.

Toll-free Numbers in Canada

When Do You Need a 1-800 Number in Canada?

Here are the 5 indications that your company is in need of an 800 number in Canada:

  • Increased Call Volume. Your daily call volume has increased and your customers are having issues reaching you. Having this number will help to improve your sales by making it easier for the customers to reach you, since multiple people can take the calls on your end;
  • International Market Expansion. You are planning to expand to the international market and want to do so without unnecessary expenses. It will be easier to avoid extra fees with a toll-free service;
  • Building Credibility and Professionalism. You want to build credibility and make a professional impression on your customers with a clean-looking business phone number. These numbers are adjustable and can be set to communicate the brand image;
  • Call Statistics. You would like to have call statistics by telephone number. Since such numbers are virtual, you will have an easier time organizing your information in a cloud space along with benefitting from other useful advantages VoIP numbers have if you get a toll free number in Canada;
  • Multitude of Features. You want to have a multitude of features included with your number: an auto-attendant, communication history, various integrations, custom greeting, call transcripts, business hours, etc. You can obtain a cheap toll-free number in Canada, which will include all of the above at a cheaper price than most regular phone service plans.

How to Get a 1-800 Number in Canada?

Follow the easy step-by-step guide to get a 1-800 number in Canada:

  1. Select your country (Canada). Then you can select the city or state relevant to your company.
  2. Select the desired option and move on to the next step.
  3. Be creative and set up your virtual phone number to make it the most relevant to your company.
  4. Decide how many users will be answering the phone on your end.
  5. Share this number with your clients and enjoy business calls on a whole new level!

MightyCall’s toll-free numbers selection

Why Buy 800 Numbers From MightyCall??

  • Tool set. Check out the multitude of features included in all plans without any extra fees. Call forwarding, transfer, conferences, recording and voice-to-text are all on your fingertips. Every aspect of the customer-communication cycle is covered to help you convert calls to sales.
  • Privacy, security & reliability. Get flawless call quality with the 99.99% uptime and rest assured that your sensitive information will stay with you. MightyCall offers 24/7 network security, data encryption and protection against robocallers.
  • Competitive prices. Take advantage of some of the lowest per user prices on the market while enjoying the wide feature set and high quality. With MightyCall, you can buy a 1800 number in Canada in an affordable package that suits your company and enjoy the professional tools.
  • User experience. Transition to VoIP service with ease. MightyCall offers one of simplest UI’s on the market, all while making sure any and all your questions are answered by an experienced live customer support team.
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Do you need to provide any documents to get a toll-free service in Canada?

Elaborating on how to get a 1-800 number in Canada, you will typically need to provide proof of business ownership or authorization to use the service on behalf of a business. This may include documentation such as a business registration certificate, articles of incorporation, or a letter of authorization from the business owner. 

With MightyCall, however, you will only need to provide contact information and billing details.

How to Transfer Your Number to MightyCall?

Quick and easy. Here are the 5 easy steps you will need to follow:

  1. Gather the info: your number, a signed letter of authorization, your contact and payment info;
  2. Notify your current provider;
  3. Submit a porting request to MightyCall:
  4. Wait for up to 15 days (you will still be able to use your number with your past provider in the meantime);
  5. Start enjoying your experience with MightyCall.

How Such Numbers Work?

Generally, a 1-800 Number in Canada is connected to a specific phone number, be it personal or corporate. When such a number is dialed, the person dialing is redirected – again, free of charge – to the number it has been programmed to.

Sometimes a business phone system – like MightyCall – offers a vanity number. This is a feature that allows you to customize your number. You’ve definitely seen vanity numbers before: numbers like 1-888-345-CATS or 1-888-22-PIZZA.

Here’s a reminder on how it works:

  • For caller: If you’re the person dialing, you’d just dial the number as usual to call the company you want to reach and you won’t be charged for the call.
  • For business owners: If you’re a company owner, you’d typically pay for a Canadian 1-800 number from a provider (usually it’s a monthly fee).

Previously these numbers were used only to receive calls from customers, but modern providers allow you to use features such as forwarding, recording, etc.

It is recommended to use a VoIP system that will also give you access to advanced features like cloud space, multiple team members answering the calls, transcription, and more, which gives additional flexibility to your business communication process.

Canada’s Toll-Free Number Format

Is 1800 toll-free in Canada?” Yes, it even has the same format as the US number. It is a construction of elements that serve as a code that wirelessly connects people. Here are the main components:

  • + sign,
  • international country code (1),
  • toll-free code (800),
  • 7 digits local number

For example, here is a break-down of the number the RBC uses:

  • +
  • 1
  • 800
  • 769-2511

Who pays for a call to a Toll-Free Phone Number?

The person calling a toll-free phone number does not pay for the call. Instead, the cost of the call is borne by the owner or subscriber of the number, also known as the “Responsible Organization” (Resp Org). This is because these numbers are routed through a special system that allows the calls to be made without the caller incurring any charges. The charges incurred by the responsible organization, which can be the business or individual that owns the number, are usually based on the duration and volume of calls received.

What’s the Difference Between Toll-free and Local Numbers?

Toll-free numbers are phone numbers that start with specific codes (800, 888, etc.) and are free for the caller to dial. The cost is borne by the owner/subscriber of the number. Local numbers, on the other hand, are assigned to a specific geographic area and calls to them are charged to the caller. The main difference is who pays for the call.

Benefits of Getting Toll-Free Numbers in Canada for Your Business

If you are wondering how to get a toll-free number in Canada, you are probably looking at what it can do for your business. These numbers are capable of providing a significant amount of benefits for any company. 

You will:

  • Project a strong brand image. These numbers are easy to recognize and remember, they appear more professional and they look great on ads;
  • Improve customer experience. Your clients will love to hear a polite custom greeting and to be redirected straight to the person who will be able to assist them;
  • Set up and scale your company at ease. Being local is nice, but sometimes expanding the company beyond the starting location is the smart move, so having a universal telephone number for all locations can come in very handy;
  • Save on telephony and additional features. With MightyCall they come at an affordable set price that will provide you with all the instruments you may need.

Key Features of Canada’s Toll-free Service

A custom phone number service offers a suite of powerful features that will help you impress and retain customers. With toll-free services in Canada, you can:

  • Сustom phone number. With this feature, you can create a memorable and easy-to-remember number that customers can associate with your business. This helps to create a strong brand identity and makes it easier for customers to contact you.
  • Call redirecting feature. This feature ensures that all calls to your business are redirected to the appropriate department, so you never miss a call from a customer. Whether it’s during business hours or after hours, all calls will be answered promptly and professionally.
  • Working hours feature. With this feature, you can set your business hours, and calls will only be redirected to your operators during these hours. This helps customers to know when they can contact you and lets them know that you’re available to help.
  • Custom greeting feature. You can create a custom greeting that welcomes customers to your business, introduces your operators, and provides important information. This helps to create a warm and welcoming environment and makes customers feel valued.

Music on hold feature. With this feature, customers can enjoy a selection of music or messages while they wait for an operator to become available. This helps to reduce the frustration of waiting on hold and keeps customers engaged with your business.

MightyCall Call Routing

These are just a few available features, MightyCall offers an impressive variety of extras included in all plan packages.

What Is Required for the Implementation of Toll-free Service, Including Equipment?

To implement such a service, you will need to get a toll-free number and the following equipment and services:

  • A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system or a cloud-based phone system to handle the routing and management of the calls.
  • An Automatic Number Identification (ANI) service to identify the caller’s phone number and bill the Responsible Organization (Resp Org) for the call.
  • A Service Management System (SMS) to manage the routing of toll-free calls and provide detailed usage reports.
  • A Provider to provision the number and handle the routing of calls to your phone system.

It is recommended to contact the provider for more details on the specific equipment and services required.

Types of Toll-Free Phone Numbers in Canada

There are 3 main types of telephone numbers to look at if you want to get a toll-free number in Canada:

Domestic toll-free numbers

These numbers will allow your domestic customers to reach you without them having to pay for it. A great marketing tool that will make your clients feel more welcome to give you a call by making it free for them. These numbers do not have a city or state indicator on them, clearing your number from any potential prejudices.

Vanity toll-free numbers

Customizable and on brand. These phone numbers are ideal for companies that want to stand out and focus on the brand image. You can use words to create memorable numbers that will look equally pretty on your website, ads, and your client’s dial pad.

International toll-free numbers

International telephony fees can be pretty high, making your customers question whether giving you a ring is worth the phone service bill they will get at the end of the month. This is why it is important to consider getting an international number prior to expanding your company to overseas customers. That way you will pay a fixed price that will narrow down the customers’ concerns to questions relating to your product rather than their phone bills.

Important Points About 1-800 Numbers in Canada

How much does a toll-free number in Canada cost?

The cost of a toll-free number in Canada varies by service provider and plan. Generally, there is a one-time setup fee and a monthly or annual fee. Additional charges may apply for features like voicemail and call forwarding. The cost of the call is borne by the owner/subscriber of the number. You can be looking at anything from $5 USD to $500 depending on the provider. MightyCall plans start at just $15 per user.

Who owns a phone number after purchasing?

When you purchase a phone number, you are renting it from the service provider that controls the number. They retain ownership and can reassign it. As a customer, you have the right to use the number for the duration of your contract and can transfer it to another service provider. Phone number allocation and management is regulated by regulatory bodies like the FCC.

Can the US dial Canada’s 800 numbers?

Absolutely! US and Canada operate within the North American Numbering Plan, meaning that they often share the number dialing codes. People in the USA will be able to dial numbers from Canada, and vice versa.

How to Pick the Right Provider for Your Company?

There are millions of Canadian toll-free numbers for business and, because of the nature of the NANP, there are tons of providers located all over. Below are a couple things you might want to keep in mind when choosing a Canadian toll-free number provider:

  • If you have a small company you may want to look into a VoIP provider. They often have extra tools and open pathways to other possibilities that other kinds of providers do not.
  • Look for toll-free service providers that allow simultaneous conversations to be going on at the same time. This will reduce client wait times, which means it’ll be less likely that they’ll end up hanging up on you.
  • Having a vanity number option is always a great idea. It will help your number stand out beyond the mass of “800-1234” numbers.
  • Make sure that your provider has portability for these numbers. If down the road you decide to move to a different provider, you don’t want to lose your phone number. Having portability as an option means you can take your virtual number with you.
  • Prices are tricky. Too high and you’re probably getting ripped off, as the multitude of providers should mean you get a good rate. Too low and you’ll probably get poor service (which means your clients will get poor service too!).

Expand Your Reach With Toll-Free Numbers in Canada

Canadian toll-free numbers are an invaluable instrument when it comes to giving your company a professional look. They project a strong brand image, improve customer experience, aid with scaling up and help you save your funds with a multitude of additional features. It is the logical step in the direction of leveling your company up.
With MightyCall as your provider, you will be able to get your hands on all the above features and more. It has been around for over 10 years, so if anyone knows what virtual telephony is and what small and medium sized businesses are looking for when it comes to telephony, it’s MightyCall. It has one of the best price-value relationships on the market, along with a clean design, excellent flexibility, 7 days customer support and all necessary features on your fingertips even with the cheapest plan available.

Kat Barannikova
Kat Barannikova is a copywriter and an obsessive tea drinker at MightyCall.
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