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Business Phone Features


The WebPhone gives you full control over where and when you take and make your calls

By being able to make calls over your browser, MightyCall turns any of your internet-connected devices into a phone capable of keeping you in contact with anyone you need to be. Start calling today!

What is the WebPhone?

The webphone is a program which lets you make calls through the internet via your browser. These calls can be made to landlines or to other internet-based phones. These phones can usually work over any capable internet browser, though modern variants may require modern web browsers.

The WebPhone can act as a communication hub, allowing you to:

  • Make and receive calls on your computer,
  • Dial extensions,
  • Forward calls to another person,
  • Initiate conference calls,
  • Communicate with your employees.

You can call the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with the business webphone to get even better call clarity. The app also provides some basic features that are available on desk phones such as conference calling and callback requests.

How Does the WebPhone Work?

Webphones make calls over the internet. They do this by utilizing what is called Web Real Time Communications, or WebRTC and use technology built into your web browser. This means you don’t need any additional plugins or utilities. WebRTC itself allows for the streaming of various media, such as audio, between browsers of different types without requiring either party to download any special plugins. This allows for VoIP calling. But how do you use them?

  • Inbound calls: when calls are coming inbound, you simply have to wait until they come in. Clicking the green button will pick up the phone. When the call has started, you can click the red button to hang up. This of course applies to outbound calls as well.
  • Outbound calls: when you wish to make a call, dial the number you wish to reach and once again click the green button.
  • If you’d like to call internally, click the team button, found in the middle on the bottom. That leads you to a list of your internal contacts. By clicking one of those, you’ll begin a call.

How to Set Up the WebPhone in MightyCall

The web phone is one of the easiest aspects of MightyCall’s system to get started with. Follow these steps and you’ll be making calls in no time.

  • Log into the web panel.
  • Click the gray button on the top-right. This will open a pop-up. The pop-up is the phone.
  • Make sure the availability slider is set to green by clicking it.
  • Click the red power button on the bottom-left. This will “turn on” the phone.
  • Input a telephone number.
  • Click the green phone on the bottom to begin the call or, conversely, wait for a call to come in to you. Incoming calls can be answered by also clicking on the green phone.


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Functionality of a Web Phone in MightyСall

A standalone webphone brings with it more than just the ability to make calls over the internet. There are lots of additional internal features which bear consideration and can really help you improve internal company coherence and external communication with customers. Features like:

  • Availability: the softphone allows you to set whether or not you’re available from inside of the program itself. It’s an easy switch that you can toggle back and forth at a moment’s notice, letting your colleagues know when you’re available and when you’re on break.
  • Suggested Numbers: Get yourself and your employees going quickly with suggested numbers so that you can just jump right into the action.
  • Access Colleague Contacts: From within the application you can access the extensions (and therefore, call) the people with whom you work. If you have a quick question or need to clarify something, all you need to do is make a few clicks.
  • Sound Settings: The web phone has all key sound settings built into it. You can raise and lower ringtone, microphone, and phone speaker settings with ease and whenever you need to. There’s no need to leave the app and go somewhere else for this, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with your computer’s internal settings, which can sometimes be a hassle.

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The MightyCall webphone is integrated into the system, providing you with easy access whenever you need it.

How to Configure and Сustomize WebPhone Management in MightyCall


If you need to step away from the computer briefly but do not wish to turn the phone for web off entirely, simply make yourself temporarily unavailable. Here’s how to make it work:

  1. From inside the application, switch the green slider on the top left. To do this, simply click on it with your mouse. This will make the slider gray. When the slider is gray, you are not available.
  2. When you want to be available yet again, just do the exact same thing. Click the slider once more, which will slide it and make it green, meaning you’re back and ready to make more calls.

Sound Settings

Maybe you think your volume is too quiet, or you want to make sure that your headphones are working. Not to worry: there’s an easy way of figuring out how to change things in the web dialer (and you don’t need to turn any dials!)

  1. Once again from inside the application, click the Gear. This takes you to three options: Ringtone, Microphone, and Phone Speaker.
  2. By clicking and dragging the black dot on the blue line below each option, you can make it louder or quieter (to the right is louder, left is quieter).
  3. To test how loud or quiet the microphone is, there is series of dashes below its blue line. This tells you how much sound input is going into your selected microphone. The more sound, the more dashes will turn green.
  4. Finally, if you want to select different inputs (like if your computer has a built in microphone but your headphones do as well), you can click the drop-down box below each and select a new input by clicking.

Intra-Team Calling

One of the best aspects of the web dialer is that it has access to your internal contacts, which you can call from there. Here’s how:

  1. Click the middle icon on the bottom, the one which looks like a person wearing a headset.
  2. This takes you to a list of your colleagues and their extensions. The red or green dots next to their profile silhouettes is indicative of whether or not they are available (red is no, green is yes).
  3. To place a call, simply click the green phone next to their name.

What Does a WebPhone Look Like?

MightyCall’s webphone app opens as a pop-up when a gray button on the top-right of the web panel is clicked. The button has an image of a traditional phone on it. The pop-up opens with your profile image on the top left and under it an availability slider. On the bottom right is a red power button, and the center of the web-based phone has a sleeping traditional phone, indicating that the phone is currently off.

When the red button is clicked, the phone “wakes up” and it appears, replacing the sleeping phone. A number pad appears in the center, and above it sits your number. Above that is a line upon which the typed number which you plan to call will appear. On the bottom is a grayed-out phone icon which turns green when a number is typed in. Below that are three different buttons: a blue keypad button, a team button (a person with a headset), and a call history button (a phone next to a small clock).

Why Use the Web Phone? (Benefits for your Business)

Webphones are extremely common and are growing in popularity by the day. This due to many reasons, including:

  • Increased Sales: this is an intuitive program which is easy to use and can be combined with other great internet features and makes it easy to make more calls. The webphone makes things easy – and making more calls means increased sales.
  • Reduce Costs: You do not need to pay for traditional phones when making a call.
  • Improve Customer Service: Customer service employees can always have access to their phones in order to provide support by making calls with a phone for web. With traditional phones, if they have to step away from their desks, they won’t be able to address any caller’s needs.
  • Flexibility: web-based applications are getting popular across the board because they offer the ability to do that which traditionally confined you to an office, only elsewhere. Making calls from anywhere just got a whole lot easier thanks to the cloud phone system.
  • Security: You can carry out business transactions over the internet, sending and receiving vital information without the fear of it being intercepted or facing any of the common fraud problems faced on the internet.
  • Better internal communications: Since you can have the app on every computer within your company, reaching any employee has never been easier. Employees can also conveniently contact one another through the app as there is no cost for intra-office connection and communication.

Use Case

For example, you are an SMB owner and you are planning on expanding your customer support department. However, you do not yet have a designated budget for it. With MightyCall there is no need to buy any additional equipment to make it all work for your employees. The only thing that is needed is the laptop, enabling the webphone and your first call is all set. Easy and convenient.

Helpful Terms to Know about the WebPhone

Though softphones are easy to use for the technologically un-inclined, sometimes certain aspects of making online calls can still be tricky. Here are some important terms to know:

  • Web Browser: This is where you’ll be making calls. It’s also where you do almost everything else you do on the internet. The web browser is the thing on which you “browse” the internet. The most common browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer (though the latter has been discontinued).
  • VoiP: Standing for voice over internet protocol, this is a type of internet calling which allows for calls to be made over the internet. It has risen dramatically in popularity as the internet has grown more advanced, as it allows for far greater flexibility than traditional phone calling ever did. New web dialers and webphone software are oftentimes key aspects of any strong VoIP setup.
  • Robocall: These are calls made by “robots” which are more often than not spam calls.
  • Business Phone System: These are phone systems built around providing businesses with the tools they need to be successful. Far from only being a way to call, they oftentimes include other features and oftentimes are accessible via web-based applications.

Ready to Start Using the WebPhone?

The ability to be flexible is a key aspect of any modern business, and the business webphone can help you get there. But is that all you need?

Webphone developers are commonplace nowadays, as it is fast becoming a key part of any business phone service. To make yourself stand out from the crowd, you therefore will need a webphone provider who likewise stands out. MightyCall can fill that role with powerful features such as call recording, visual voicemail, call forwarding, and tons of others.

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