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844 Area Code

Offer top-notch service to your customers with a toll-free 844 number from MightyCall to enhance their experience.

What Is an 844 Area Code?

844 is a toll-free number designated for North America. So whenever your callers contact you from the USA, Canada, and many other countries, the calls will be free for them. 844 is not the only free number; there are several other options, including 800, 833, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

All these codes contain a three-digit prefix. However, these numbers are not tied to any location, e.g., a zip code. They are used for business customer service, sales, and more.

Area Code 844
844 area code location No specific location
Time zone No specific time zone
Standard time No specific time
Daylight Savings Time American time zones
Cities covered No specific location
Toll-free? Yes
Major carriers Verizon, Pacific Bell
Are scams reported? Yes

What Is the Location of Area Code 844?

As mentioned above, there is no particular city, region, or state associated with 844; area code location is not a consideration with toll-free codes in the same way as it is for other types of numbers. So, where is area code 844?

Rather than being tied to a particular city, region, or state or being connected with a given time zone, a toll-free code will cover the entirety of the NANP. This includes not only the United States and Canada but also parts of the Caribbean Sea, as well as a few islands in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Who Is Using 844 Area Code Numbers?

The main users of these numbers are businesses of all scopes. These businesses use numbers with the area code 844 for customer support and sales services since free calling draws more calls. Offer your clients a free option to contact you in order to provide an enhanced user experience and boost your availability.

With more people calling your business, the chances of closing more deals will also increase; hence, you will get a better return on this investment. That’s what area code 844 is good for!

How an 844 Area Code Number Can Help Your Business

Allows customers to call you free of charge

Since your clients won’t have to pay anything to call your company, you’re more likely to get a higher volume of calls than you would when using another kind of phone number.

Fosters a national presence

With a toll-free code, you can extend the reach of your business to encompass the entire nation. By doing so, you can enjoy a much larger and more varied customer base than ever before.

Increases client satisfaction

When customers can reach out without paying anything, they are more likely to do so, which, in turn, means you can help them resolve issues more quickly. This will lead to happier customers!

Easily forwards calls

With the press of a button, you can forward calls to local agents, making it incredibly easy to expand your business both at the domestic and international levels.

Are 844 Area Code Numbers Still Available?

Numbers with the area code 844 are still available, but high popularity constantly reduces their availability. So if you want a toll-free number for your business, act fast. With MightyCall, you can easily find the number you want in Canada or the U.S.

If you need immediate assistance to check the 1-844 number availability, consider checking the Mightycall website or contacting our customer support. Our customer support representatives will promptly address your questions and help you come up with the most affordable plan and services to cover your business needs.

844 area code numbers selection

How to Get an 844 Area Code Number?

If you’re interested in being able to accept 844 calls, you first need to purchase the code itself, but you may not be entirely sure of how this is accomplished. Rest assured, it’s easier than you think:


1 Decide what type of phone number you need

You can choose from domestic, vanity, and international options.


2 Choose a number

Feel free to ask us for some advice.


3 Set up your phone system

Add greetings, business hours, and voicemail.


4 Happy calling

Start using your number.

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Why Buy an 844 Area Code Number From MightyCall?

business phone number by mightycall

MightyCall Business Phone System

You’ll receive a minimum of two numbers on either of our plans

Whether you decide to go for our Core or Pro plan, you’ll receive a minimum of two toll-free or local numbers, with the option of purchasing even more for an additional $5 per number!

We offer competitive prices for our service packages

With a Core plan available for just $20 per user per month and a Pro package available for $25 per user per month,, we offer access to an incredible service at attractive prices.

Enjoy 24/7 access to a team of friendly customer service staff

MightyCall is simple and intuitive, but if you do come up against any problems, you’ll be glad to hear you can get whatever help you need at any time from our customer service team.

You’ll benefit from a huge range of impressive features

The MightyCall VoIP platform is packed full of incredible features designed to boost your productivity and those all-important call metrics.

MightyCall lets you run business communications your way:   Simple Efficient Organized

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way

How Do 844 Area Code Numbers Work?

The 844 number works differently depending on whether you are a caller or a receiver. The caller is usually the customer, and for them, such a business phone number works like any other. They simply need to dial the number as usual and start the call. Since it is a toll-free number, they are not charged for making the call.

On the other hand, business owners usually buy toll-free numbers for their businesses or pay a subscription fee to a Voice over Internet Protocol provider. The subscription charges depend on how many monthly free calling minutes you want for your customers. So you can select the number of calling minutes for your services, and the VoIP will charge you accordingly. Factors affecting the price of these services include the service provider, the plan you choose, and the monthly calling minutes you subscribe to.

If your business deals with a VoIP provider, you can opt for some advanced calling features such as call recording, IVR, and call routing that can level up your business communications.

Hence, the toll-free numbers that once only enabled businesses to receive calls now come with many more beneficial features, depending on the services you choose.

What Are the Business Benefits of Having a Toll-Free 844 Number?

Appear more professional

With a toll-free area code, you can create a more professional image for your company. For instance, when you use one of these numbers through MightyCall’s VoIP software, you can make use of features like call forwarding, call queues, and more.

Solidify your brand

If you’re able to find a relevant vanity number—that is, a number that includes words or phrases as well as digits, like 1-844-FLOWERS—you can both make your number more relevant and develop a strong brand. By just glancing at your number, people will know who you are and what you do.

Increase your reach

Using a toll-free telephone number allows people from all over the nation to call you. Indeed, with area code 844, states on the other side of the country are within reach, making it easier for you to increase your customer base.

Improves customer satisfaction rates

When clients can reach out to you more easily (and for free!), they’re better able to connect with you. This, in turn, will improve their experience with your company, leading to better customer satisfaction scores.

Is the 844 Area Code a Scam or Fraud?

A call or text from an 844 area code usually reassures users that it is a legitimate customer service line. While this is true in most cases, scam artists use this trick to gain the trust of their victims and find out personal details that can lead to huge losses. So whether you receive a call or call an 844 number back after hanging up, confirm that it is not a scam by checking it on the web.

How to Prevent an 844 Area Code Scam

Being pestered by bothersome calls? The best way to avoid falling prey to a 1-844 area code scam is to make sure you are well-educated on fraud and to remain vigilant at all times. But if you’re looking for a practical, step-by-step solution to this unfortunate scenario, this section will help:

  • Identify the caller.

If you receive an unsolicited call from an 844 number you don’t recognize, the safest course of action is to take the time to identify who the caller is before trying to get back in touch with them. All you have to do is open up your preferred search engine, type in the telephone number, and hit search.

  • Block spam numbers.

If other people have received scam calls from this number, it’s likely that it has already been reported. In this case, you can easily confirm that the call is not legitimate and can just ignore or block it.

  • Exercise caution when calling back to confirm legitimacy.

If you cannot confirm whether or not the number belongs to a scammer and decide to call them back, place the call from a different device. This is because if you return their call from your own phone, the scammer knows that a legitimate person owns your number, which they may pass on to other fraudsters.

How to Block Unwanted 844 Calls

If you keep receiving unwanted calls from suspicious 844 numbers, this most likely means that your personal number has been leaked on the web. Illegitimate businesses or scammers may try and make the most of this, reaching out to you in an attempt to trick you into paying them money.

At best, these calls can be extremely bothersome; at worst, they can be dangerous. So, you may wish to consider blocking these numbers so they can’t reach you anymore.

Depending on whether you own an Android or iOS device, you can block these calls by following one of the methods set out below.


  1. Open the keypad on your phone.
  2. In the “Recent” tab, press and hold on the number you wish to block.
  3. Press “Block/report spam.”


  1. Open the keypad on your phone.
  2. In either the “Favorites,” “Recents,” or “Voicemail” tab, press next to the number you wish to block.
  3. Scroll down and hit “Block This Caller”.

Are 844 Numbers Safe to Pick Up?

Yes, the 844 area code usually represents a business call, but it does not always mean that the call is not coming from a scammer. You must be very careful when giving out your information. For an added layer of safety, you can hang up, check whether the number is valid, and then call them back.

How Can You Check If an 844 Number is Legit?

If you receive an 844 call, there is a chance it could be coming from a scammer. Below, we outline four different methods you can try to tell whether it is a legit number:

  1. Voicemail inbox method. If you do not accept the call, the caller may leave a voicemail message for you. This voicemail may give you some clues to tell you whether it is a scam call.
  2. Reverse number search method. You can note the number and search for it on any search engine. If that number has previously scammed people, search engine results will let you know. Otherwise, you can find information about the company using that number with a 1-844 area code.
  3. Toll-free directory check. Since these numbers are toll-free, you can check the National Directory to look for that number and determine who it belongs to.
  4. User database check. To know who called you, you can check a user database, since most databases include the numbers of legit businesses.
  5. Calling the number from another number. When you call the toll-free number, you will either hear a person or an automated message. You can then compare what they said during the previous call with what they say now and easily tell whether it is a scam.
  6. Using a Phone Validator. This is not a free method, but for a small price, you can get all the information about the phone number. It can be a useful tool to help you stay away from scammers.

What Is the Difference Between Toll-Free Numbers With Different 800 Codes?

Functionally, there is no real difference between different toll-free area codes; you can purchase any of them for the same price, and all options have the same operating costs. The only difference is when each particular number was first established:

  • 800 was the first toll-free code to come onto the scene. Launched way back on January 1, 1966, this code still enjoys a high degree of popularity today and is widely used throughout North America.
  • 833 is the most recent toll-free code to be launched, having just been established on June 3, 2017, to keep up with rising demands for toll-free phone numbers.
  • 844 was established just a few short years before 833, on December 7, 2013, making it the second-most recent addition on this list.
  • 855 came into use on October 9, 2010 as the need for new landlines and cell numbers continued to rise after the arrival of the new millennium.
  • 866 has been around since July 29, 2000, making it the first of these numbers to be introduced after the millennium.
  • 877 is a little older than 833 but not as old as 800 or 888. This code has been in use since April 4, 1998.
  • 888 was the first toll-free code to be introduced after 800. It was launched on March 1, 1996.

Important Points About 844 Telephone Numbers

How much does a 1-844 number cost?

The cost of this code depends on where you purchase it. With MightyCall, you can find 1-800 phone numbers for as little as $20 per user per month. This package includes not just one but two toll-free or local numbers.

What should you consider when buying a number for your business?

When buying a number for your company, there are several important factors you should stop and consider beforehand. For example:

  • Where do the majority of your calls come from?
  • Do you have a significant national customer base?
  • How about an international one?
  • What benefits do you hope to gain from using this number?

These basic questions can help you get a better idea of what you should be looking for.

Texts from an 844 area code—spam or not?

The area 844 in the USA is legitimate and used by many businesses. However, this does not mean every call or text message from the 844 area code will be legitimate and not a scam. Any text message you get from these numbers is meant to simply check if you are an active user who will call them back. It can either be a legit telemarketing company or a scammer.

Will MightyCall Help Me Find a Specific 844 Vanity Number?

If you know that you’d like an 844 area code number or even some other toll-free code, that’s great! But what comes next? Choosing one, of course!

You may not be altogether sure what specific number you’d like. If that’s the case, feel free to get in touch for some advice! Our friendly helpers are eager to help and can easily assist you in finding the perfect toll-free code for you.

To make sure you get the best 844 code possible, act now before someone else manages to get hold of it!

MightyCall’s toll-free numbers selection

A Few Tips for Picking the Best 1-844 Business Number

Say that you run an art- and design-related business and that you want to obtain an 844 number. Here are the tips you must follow when selecting your 844 code:

  • Select a number that adds value to your business.

Choosing a number like 1-844-DESIGNS will help accomplish that. This number will encourage customers to call you since it conveniently builds your brand. It will quickly communicate to the customers that your business involves designing.

Remember, your number’s prefix does not need to be local. You can select a number with a code from a nearby big city for a better business image, since it will help customers associate your business with that city. This will help create a positive image, and you will get more calls. So you can opt for a business number with other prefixes such as 888, 800, or 866.

  • Make everything easy for customers to remember.

This is the part where you want to keep things as simple as possible. For example, displaying the word DESIGNS with your brand’s name and the 844 number will make it easy for customers to recall. Anything overly complex will make it less memorable.

  • This is not the place to be creative.

You can be creative when inventing your brand’s name, but once you have done that, keep it simple and minimalist with your 844 number. You might think of picking a number like 844-DEZIGNZ. It may look and sound cool, and it may suggest what your business does, but it will be like having two identities for your business. This is not a good strategy.

  • Refrain from hybrid numbers.

Avoid complex or hybrid options in your 844 area code number, such as 844-1-DESIGN or 844-DESIGN-1. Customers will have to remember that additional digit, which won’t be very convenient or practical.

Should You Get an 844 Area Code for Your Business?

Many businesses sell products and services to customers directly. For such a business, providing a top-notch customer service experience is essential. The first step is making your business easier to reach. That is possible with an 844 area code.

While it all depends on how you run your business, getting this code can help improve customer satisfaction. It will help you retain existing customers while attracting new ones.

Feel free to contact us at MightyCall today to get a new number for your business. Having an 844 area code number offers many advantages, and our virtual phone system provides additional benefits, ultimately offering your business a much better value.


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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way