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Business Phone Service

Get a toll-free and local business phone number
with MightyCall

What Is a Business Phone Service?

MightyCall Business Phone Service

A business phone service is a phone system which allows you to make calls via the use of VoIP technology. It does so by allowing you to call over the internet, which means you will have to have an internet connection (be it Wi-Fi or signal).

Virtual phone services are increasingly growing in popularity because of the large amount of benefits they bestow. They enable you to do a lot more than make simple business calls; they come with a litany of features and dramatically increase your business’ flexibility due to the internet-based nature of the telephone service. Instead of needing to be based in one central location, when you get a business phone line working through the internet, your options dramatically expand.

When Do You Need a Business Phone Line?

A small business phone service can be the answer you need to the problems facing your business today. Problems such as:

Serve customers faster

By having everything in one place, you can stay more organized and respond to clients more quicker.

Work from anywhere

An internet-based carrier can help you work wherever the internet works – greatly solving the problem of mobility. A virtual phone system helps you to work just as easily at home as you do in a coffee shop.

Increase your presence to the global level

Have you wanted to make your company seem bigger? International phone numbers allow you to project a business which is truly global in scope, even if you’ve never left the country.

Bring costs down

Little fees from your telephone company can be extremely frustrating. But many virtual business telephone providers have clear and easy-to-understand payment systems, helping you to lower your all-around costs.

Manage a higher call volume

Because employees can log in wherever they currently are, if you suddenly have a larger call volume, you can handle it better than you may have been able to previously.

Keep your personal and business life separate

By using call forwarding, you can forward company calls to your personal phone number, meaning you never have to give out your personal number but can still get calls to your business number.

How to Get a Phone Service for Business?

Getting started on a phone service for a small business is very easy, though at first it may all seem overwhelming. If you come into the process having organized yourself for it, it’s no trouble at all. Here are the basic steps to take:

  1. Pick your phone number and number type: (do you want a local one, or maybe vanity?).
  2. Check if the number you’d want is available for purchase. Usually you can do this by entering it into the company’s website.
  3. Pick the price plan that’s right for you. Most online phone systems offer multiple price plans.
  4. Take the final steps for activation, depending upon what the company you went with needs you to do.

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Why Buy a Phone Service From MightyCall?

MightyCall Call Routing

Easy setup

Are you not great with technology? That’s no problem. Mightycall has an extremely easy, stress-free startup process in which you’re guided every step of the way.

Committed customer support

Still nervous you’ll need help? MightyCall’s live customer support is just a click or call away. Whether you want to talk to our chatbot or a person on the phone, MightyCall’s professionals are here to help.

Peace of mind

MightyCall’s telephone service for business has the security & reliability you need for your business, from having 99.99% uptime to 24/7 network security.

A vast array of numbers

Your phone company’s not just new – you’re also getting access to all sorts of phone numbers, including local, vanity, and international.

Plethora of features

MightyCall’s plans come packed with built-in features like call forwarding, call queue, call recording and voice-to-text. And they aren’t just thrown together: all of these features were picked because they can help your small business thrive.

Fair prices

Mightycall offers high call quality, a high amount of features, and low, competitive prices.

MightyCall’s Small Business Phone Service

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MightyCall's business phone service has the core of a professional call center solution, but it's been adapted for SMB.

About MightyCall

MightyCall has been serving the small business community for nearly a decade, transforming into a streamlined engine that works for any company. With over 5,000 customers boosting their customer communications, MightyCall brings cutting-edge telephony tools to every corner of the continent.

Small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of America, and MightyCall takes pride helping Main Street stay relevant against Wall Street.

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way

How Does Telephone Service for Business Work?

Business phone line service technology is relatively straightforward and easy to understand. Each phone number operates as its own business phone line on the phone system; they are not inherently merged.

When it comes to the operation of basic business phone systems, they operate pretty much as you’d expect: when a business phone number gets a call it will ring. If the phone is already on a call, the person calling will either be asked to leave a voicemail message or will just get a busy signal, depending on how the caller sets the system up.

In contrast to basic systems, VoIP phone systems work differently – such systems operate virtually, meaning through the internet. You don’t need a SIM card for it to operate (though you can make calls using mobile devices), and you don’t even need to be in the country to which the number belongs. It’s not connected to a landline, which means it can be used on any internet-connected device: aforementioned mobile devices, laptops, tablets, IP phones, desktop computers – if a device is modern, sound-capable and can get online, you can probably use it. In these systems, all types of numbers function similarly, so an international number won’t be discernable from any other local number.

Features of Business Phone Number Services

  1. Call recording: automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls. The person on the other end will be notified automatically.
  2. Auto attendant: the auto attendant gets callers to where they need to go by following pre-established rules you’ve set up. Conversely, by setting up pre-recorded messages, you can also help them without them having to end up speaking with you.
  3. Call forwarding: you wish to keep business and private separate? Call forwarding allows you to send calls to one of your numbers automatically to another one.
  4. Caller ID: with modern caller ID, you can be sure of who is calling you and also announce your presence to those of whom you are calling.
  5. Voicemail-to-text: automatically get your voicemail transcribed and sent to your email.
  6. Conference call: modern offices sometimes need to have conference calls even when people are separated by distance. But that’s no matter for a modern office telephone service.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Service for Business

Modern cloud phone services offer benefits that basic systems simply can’t provide, like:

As many virtual numbers as you want

Depending on the phone service provider, you can oftentimes get as many virtual numbers as you or your company needs.

Full calling and texting

Today small business phone providers understand the needs of the modern office. This means they understand that folks need full calling and texting capabilities- which is why they’re in full supply.

Can be used on any device

One of the key selling points of VoIP as opposed to traditional phone services is the capability of using it on any online-capable device.

Using your personal smartphone without giving out your own number

With call forwarding, you can have calls to your business forwarded to your personal number- without ever having to give it out.

No hardware

As we’ve said, all you need is an internet-connected device and a connection. You don’t need to buy extra devices or other hardware.

Take calls anywhere

If you can get a signal, you can get a call.

Auto attendants

With pre-programmable auto attendants, you can get callers questions’ answered without ever having to pick up the phone.

Modern voicemail

A modern voicemail capability allows you to update it whenever and to have voicemail transcriptions sent directly to your email.

What Is Required for the Implementation of a Business Telephone Service, Including Equipment?

You’ll need a very short list:

  • High-quality internet connection: preferably, speed should be at least 90-100 kbps.
  • VoIP service provider: the telephony company itself. There are lots to choose from, and we go over some options later in this article.
  • Device for calling: can be any modern internet-connected device, like a mobile/laptop/tablet
  • VoIP handset: this one is purely optional, but you’ll have better sound quality
  • VoIP adapter: this is only necessary if you intend to use older analog telephones.

Keep in mind that both participants don’t have to have a certain type of system if one has a VoIP system.

How Do You Switch to a Business Phone Number Service by MightyCall?

It’s very easy to turn your current number into a VoIP phone with MightyCall. The process, called porting, is quick and painless – and free!

  1. Gather Your Information: You’ll need a few pieces of information to get started. Primarily, this will include a signed letter of authorization, your contact information, payment information, and of course your number information.
  2. Notify your current provider. This may vary depending on who you are currently with, but you can oftentimes simply call them or email them.
  3. Submit your porting request.
  4. Wait 10-15 days. Do not cancel your current contract while this is ongoing.
  5. Start using MightyCall!

Types of Business Phone Services


This type of phone service, which you’ve now read so much about, turns your voice, when you call, into digital “packets” which are then blasted through your Wi-fi/cables into the internet where it ends up, in a matter of milliseconds, coming out the receiver of the person you’re speaking with.


The PBX operates differently from VoIP due to the fact that it centers around a literal box; whereas VoIP is a cloud-based solution, PBX is oftentimes a central box to which all phones are attached and is itself connected to an external telephone network.


These systems you’re no doubt familiar with, as you may have grown up with them. They operate using pre-existing phone lines, meaning one call at a time per line.

Important Points About Phone Lines for Business

How much does an office phone service cost?

Costs vary for these phone services depending on many factors: how many employees you have, how many features you want to use, and how many numbers/lines you want to purchase. Some providers offer just one plan and one price, others offer highly specialized plans and prices. MightyCall’s pricing is clear cut and simple to understand.

How many business telephone lines do I need?

How many phone lines for business you need depends entirely upon what you are using it for. Are you a solopreneur just starting a consulting business? You probably won’t need many. But if you are larger and getting more calls, it might behoove you to consider getting additional lines so that you and your employees can answer more calls.

Can I switch from landline phone to business VoIP service?

Switching from a landline phone line to a VoIP line is a very easy and straightforward process. Depending on the company you can even keep your traditional landline phone if that’s what you prefer.

Best Business Phone Service Providers


MightyCall combines high-quality calls, security, rapid customer service, and a litany of features, making itself a valuable tool for companies of varying degrees of size and capability.

MightyCall Business Phone Service



  • Different price plans built for different types of companies
  • Free 7-day trial for all plans
  • Dozens of key features


  • Lowest price plan has 1000 minutes and 1000 texts

Price per month

  • Core: $15 per user
  • Pro: $20 per user

Best for

  • Mid-sized and small businesses


App-based, Nextiva is a commercial phone service offering four plans: Essential, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. They are also available to be used on PCs.

Nextiva phone system



  • 24/7 customer support
  • Basic features all accounted for


  • Can only be accessed through the app
  • Lowest price plan does not offer mobile SMS

Price (all per month)

  • Essential: $18.95
  • Professional: $22.95
  • Enterprise: $32.95
  • Ultimate: $57.95

Best for

  • Sales and marketing companies


RingCentral is an experienced VoIP provider. Offering both audio and video calling, they maximize the VoIP promise of flexibility.




  • Video calling available on highest price tiers
  • Texting available on lowest price tier
  • Built around having a team- the lowest tier offers up to 20 users


  • Some users have said that assigned tasks are sometimes lost
  • No Linux support

Price (all per month)

  • Essentials: $19.99
  • Standard: $27.99
  • Premium: $34.99
  • Ultimate: $49.99

Best for

  • Team-based work from home

Ooma Office

With both residential and business offerings, Ooma has a wide variety of commercial plans.


  • Offer internet service
  • Wide variety of price plans


  • Extra fees can make pricing more difficult to understand
  • They don’t specialize in one particular field

Price (all Ooma Office and month/per user)

  • Ooma Office Essentials: $19.95
  • Ooma Office Pro: $24.95
  • Ooma Office Pro Plus: $29.95

Best for

  • People who work from home

Zoom Phone

Zoom, which became famous for their free video software, also offers paid phone plans.


  • Well known and reliable brand
  • Most plans have large amount of features


  • Toll-free and international calling are paid add-ons
  • SMS not available without calling plan

Price (all month/per user)

  • US and Canada Metered: $10
  • US and Canada Unlimited: $15
  • Pro-Global Select: $20

Best for

  • People who desire a wide geographic reach

Business Phone Service Is a Smart Way to Stay Connected

Times are changing quickly, and that means that technology is too. While traditional phone technology was once the best bet for businesses, nowadays you don’t want to be left in the dust while competitors are utilizing the advantages that modern telecommunications allows for and clients clamor for. When you open up a virtual small business phone line, you’re not just getting a new line- you’re getting all of the features, reliability, speed, and flexibility that comes with it. So step into the future with VoIP.


MightyCall lets you run business communications your way:   Simple Efficient Organized

See how MightyCall
can help your business

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No hassle. No commitment.
A 7-day test drive

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way