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Virtual Phone Number

Get a toll-free and local virtual phone number for your business with MightyCall

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is not attached to anything physical, all it takes to work is an internet connection and a modern device that supports it. Virtual phone numbers are often used by businesses that handle large volumes of calls: support centers, B2B organizations, sales teams, etc. These numbers usually come with VoIP phone feature set packages and allow teams to work remotely from different locations.

Virtual numbers are not any different from the way they work from the traditional phone numbers. The main difference is that virtual numbers work via the internet (virtual landlines) rather than traditional landlines. Call recipients do not see any difference between the virtual and traditional phone calls.

MightyCall Business Phone System

How does a Virtual Number Work for Business?

Do the job:

A virtual phone covers the necessary communication functions. With the right plan and provider, on top of the regular calling function, you can get a virtual number with unlimited texting and MMS for a great price. This will ensure that you have the ability to perform at an impressive level when it comes to keeping up with your clients and business partners.

Be professional:

VoIP business calling solutions often offer an additional package with the digital phone numbers, such as business hours, call forwarding, auto-attendants, or a multi-level IVR system. These features make your company appear professional and trustworthy to your clients. Virtual phones come with local, toll-free, and vanity customization options, which means that you can appear as a local or large country-wide organization based on your preferences, which will help to tie your brand together depending on your target audience.

MightyCall phone number selection

Connect with your team:

MightyCall’s numbers come with an app and features that help your team work as one. For example, buying a telephone number from MightyCall will allows your business to set up extensions and automated systems so that the operators receive calls in simultaneous-style (all employees in a given list are rung at once), sequential-style (employees will be rung one at a time until one answers), or round-robin-style, meaning that employees take turns. You can also leave notes for each other on the common dashboard, share virtual contact numbers as well traditional, or forward the calls to each-other when needed.

MightyCall Call Center – Team Management


Many modern business phone systems, including MightyCall, allow you to upgrade the plan after you buy a virtual phone number as your company grows and you need to connect more users. This way, you will not have to change providers every time you have a new employee join your team. With the virtual mobile number, you will be able to hire out of state and internationally, providing potential for opening new offices in different locations.

Types of Virtual Phone numbers

Virtual local phone numbers

Local phone numbers are available for almost any state. If you are planning to penetrate a local market and appear as the trusted neighbor, you will need a virtual phone number with a local area code. Choose the one you find the most attractive from the available options with your provider and go with it.

Virtual toll-free numbers

Virtual toll-free numbers make the calls free for most of your callers, charging your account rather than the callers’. Most large corporations and professional businesses choose this option to make calling more accessible and pleasant for their customers. If you are paying for a plan with unlimited minutes, your budget will not be strained by additional spending.

Virtual vanity numbers

A virtual vanity number is easy to remember and attracts attention. Vanity numbers can be local or toll-free and are usually made up of a combination of letters and numbers. They can look like 800-555-CATS or 888-OFF-BUGS. By choosing to include simple words that are associated with your business, you can tie your number to your brand image.

How can I Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Here are a few simple steps for you to get a virtual phone number:


1 Determine the type of number your company requires

a toll-free, local, or vanity number. Depending on the needs of your company, you can decide what exactly you need and how much you can allocate from your budget towards it.


2 Choose the provider and plan

that have the best options on the market. There are many options and plans available for all kinds of businesses, but you will want to make a list of the features your business needs and look for a plan that will include them for free along with the phone numbers.


3 Configure your users and extensions

Once all your team members have the apps installed on their calling devices, you will assign each phone user their own extension, so it is easy to forward calls internally and externally.


4 Finish setting up

Set your call routing rules. Record or choose the default greetings, establish business hours, and set up the voicemail. You can always book a demo to see how the service works and talk through the available settings.

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Key Features of Digital Phone Numbers

  • Call forwarding: Call forwarding allows you to route calls to any internet-connected device. You may receive calls on a mobile phone while keeping work and personal calls separate.
  • Voicemail-to-text: With the correct voice over IP service, you may have your voicemail automatically transcribed and delivered to your email.

MightyCall Business Phone System – Voicemail


  • Caller ID: With inbound caller ID, you can tell who is contacting you and avoid spam calls. Outbound caller ID, also known as CNAM, allows you to indicate your presence to persons you are contacting.
  • Call recording: All incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded. The person on the other end will be automatically alerted.
  • Auto attendant: The auto attendant directs callers to the appropriate destination based on the rules you’ve specified. Alternatively, you may assist them without having to spend time on the phone by setting up pre-recorded messages.
  • Communications history: View your complete call and conversation history, allocate work to team members, and use analytics tools to improve performance.


The Value of Virtual Telephone Numbers

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Every business can benefit from a virtual phone system. Use different types of numbers, advanced call flow settings and workflow integrations to strengthen your customer communication.

Why Buy a Virtual Number From MightyCall?

Long-lived reputation

MightyCall has been on the VoIP market for years and has earned a solid reputation as a trustworthy brand that will always be there for your business.

Comfortable UI

MightyCall is designed to be intuitive. The goal of our developers is that first-time users will automatically know what to do once they open the service.

Helpful customer support

MightyCall’s customer support services have been recognized as being among the best on the market. MightyCall’s customer support team is with you 7 days a week via chat, calls, or email.

Competitive price

MightyCall provides an impressive feature set along with unlimited calls and minutes for a very competitive price. You will also get 2 phone numbers for every plan and unlimited minutes and texts for the Business and Enterprise plans.

Expansive feature set

MightyCall offers one of the most complete and generous feature sets on the market. The dedicated developers team is constantly releasing new features that are included in the base price.

Privacy & security

MightyCall provides a secure high quality connection with a 99% uptime for all its users, meaning that your calls will not get interrupted. MightyCall also has protection from robocallers.

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way

How Do Virtual Numbers Work?

Once you figure out how to get a virtual phone number, it is important to understand how virtual phone numbers work. Virtual cell phone numbers operate using VoIP, or “voice over IP (internet protocol)” technology, meaning that they work via the internet rather than cell towers. When you get a new virtual number, it’ll be tied to an account instead of a device which can be logged into on an internet connected device. From there you can make calls.

With a virtual phone, you are no longer tied to the area in which you acquire them.You can acquire a number with an area code associated with any state or country. Virtual phone numbers for calling from companies like MightyCall often come with other features, such as call recording, voicemail transcription, call queues, and after hours call routing.

What’s the difference between virtual phone numbers and traditional numbers?

Regular Numbers Virtual Numbers
Tied to the geographic location of purchaser Accessible on multiple devices in any location with a stable internet connection
Require a physical piece of hardware Require internet connectivity and work via virtual landlines
Attached to one device Come with dozens of useful features

Problems with Traditional Phone Numbers

  • Connected to just one phone, your single number is going to be useful only on your corded office phone or your smartphone.
  • Traditional phone numbers ironically make it hard to associate with only one number. If employees work outside the office, clients won’t call you – they’ll call your employees.
  • Traditional phone numbers do not integrate into your existing virtual ecosystems, making them a separate function that cannot be accessed with the same ease.
  • In case if the piece of hardware your traditional phone number is attached to breaks, it will take hours, if not days of getting it back to work. This will not happen to your virtual number, as you will be able to simply switch to any other device.

Can a traditional phone number become your virtual number?

VoIP services have another useful feature: they allow you to port your old traditional numbers into their virtual business phone systems without any downtime for your business. Your clients will not notice any difference, but your team surely will. All you need to do is:

  1. Send a request to your current provider, telling them you want to switch operators;
  2. Send MightyCall a porting request;
  3. Wait for up to 15 work days without downtime for the phone number;
  4. Enjoy calling with MightyCall.

Choose a Business Phone Number

Work great for nationwide companies and / or those that want to encourage calls.

Connect with your community. MightyCall has numbers from every area code in the U.S.

Protect your virtual private phone number without compromising on business communications

Call around the world with low prices.

Take the opportunity to brand your business with a word or phrase so customers remember you better

Manage your calls through a Wi-Fi connection. On-the-go work has never been easier

With an internet phone number, you’ll have better and easier access to every customer call.

Get better call coverage and dozens of VoIP phone number features for less than your personal cell plan

Benefits Of a Virtual Numbers

Call from Anywhere

You and your coworkers may work from anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection. All you’ll need is a device with a virtual voice number app that works with your system. Any other equipment, such as headphones, are optional and can be utilized at the discretion of the user. Work from the beach in Bali, your favorite downtown cafe, your home, or the workplace.

Save on Service

Because there is no need to install special equipment or invest in costly gear, you will just pay the same monthly or yearly service rate as standard office phone service, but you will receive additional functions for that price. You will have access to a whole ecosystem that can be fully integrated into your business, as well as the ability to acquire extra phone numbers at a lower cost.

Simplify Teamwork

Virtual solutions often provide a slew of free extras as part of the package. These capabilities enable you to simply transfer calls from one team member to another while also having text notes and recordings transcribed over all conversations. Your staff will be more efficient and able to retain more clients as a result of having a corporate phone number.

Work Efficiently

Having everything in one spot allows you to examine your call statistics and assess the performance of your operators. You will be able to easily transfer calls across departments, have business hours, a multi-level IVR, a call waiting function, and more with the right virtual phone system.

Are virtual numbers safe?

If you need a virtual business number, it is a natural question. Virtual numbers are as safe as your internet connection is, which applies to all virtual services. If you are using a public Wi-Fi network without a professional, paid VPN service, you may be paying with your data. Having high-quality antivirus software, regular system updates, and strong passwords should do the trick.

Are SMS available with Virtual Phone Numbers?

Yes, depending on the provider, you will have texting available with your virtual mobile number. Many providers will go as far as to include unlimited SMS and MMS with select plans. Thus, you will be able to send and receive text messages via phone, tablet, or a desktop computer.

SMS available with Virtual Phone Numbers

What Is Required for the Implementation of Virtual Phone System, Including Equipment?

A few items are mandatory:

  • A high-quality internet connection. We recommend using 100kbps and up for a stable call without interruptions.
  • A virtual phone service system or a web client. You cannot have an internet-based number without going through a VoIP service.
  • A modern device that supports a high-quality internet connection. A softphone, cellphone, or a computer will do the job.

And some items are optional:

  • A headset or headphones. In case if your device is not capable of recording and playing audios (it does not have a speaker or microphone), a headset will resolve the issue and allow you to enjoy the improved audio quality.
  • A VoIP adapter. If you want to be using your traditional phone system with a virtual phone line, you will need a virtual phone adapter to transform analog audio signals into digital IP packets. All virtual 800 toll-free numbers require a virtual phone line adapter to work.

How much does a Virtual Telephone Number Сost?

One of the main reasons companies switch to virtual phone numbers is their cheap cost. While you can find really expensive plans, for most providers, it will not be the case. Virtual phones rarely require physical maintenance, and setting up virtual phone numbers is easy, which definitely plays into the final price.

MightyCall, being one of the affordable providers on the market, starts pricing at $15 per user per month, which includes 500 minutes, 100 texts, and two free numbers of your choice. Depending on your team size, you can upgrade your plan to the Business or Enterprise options, both of which come with unlimited calls, MMS and SMS features.

Virtual Phone Numbers are the New Standard for Communication

Virtual private phone numbers have become a must-have for professional businesses because of their price, versatility, and convenience. Why lose talented specialists who have to move or have limited mobility? Why spend all day sitting in the office attached to a piece of hardware? Why overpay to have your freedom limited by analog phones? If you cannot answer these questions, perhaps it is time to go virtual.

About MightyCall

MightyCall has been serving the small business community for nearly a decade, transforming into a streamlined engine that works for any company. With over 10,000 customers boosting their customer communications, MightyCall brings cutting-edge telephony tools to every corner of the continent.

Small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of America, and MightyCall takes pride helping Main Street stay relevant against Wall Street.


MightyCall lets you run business communications your way:   Simple Efficient Organized

See how MightyCall
can help your business

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No hassle. No commitment.
A 7-day test drive

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way