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Cloud Phone System

Communicate how you choose with a simple and reliable cloud phone system by MightyCall

What Is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud-based business phone system goes beyond the traditional idea of telephone technology. They allow your company to make and receive business calls over a variety of devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, and of course, phones. Depending on the company and the type of system, it may have some if not dozens of features.

These modern systems make it easy to call, meet, message, fax, and text – all from one centralized app or web panel. Taking advantage of these cloud telephone systems can dramatically improve your company’s ability to stay cohesive internally and stay in communication with your clients externally.

MightyCall Cloud Phone System

When Do You Need a Cloud-Based Phone System for a Small Business?

So when would you need a cloud-based phone system for a small business? If you think this is something only for bigger companies, and that your small or medium sized business could not be helped by it – think again. Here are just a couple of times that you might be able to take advantage of switching over from a landline phone system to a cloud phone:

You are getting more and more calls

If you have a single landline and you get an occasional or normal amount of calls, you can manage. But if you start getting lots of calls to the degree where they start stacking on one another, that can cause you to lose business. With VoIP, you do not have to worry about an increased volume.

Your business has grown in terms of employees…

So you decided to hire more hands. Congratulations! This also means you are going to have to equip them with the ability to actually do work and to keep in contact with clients. A cloud phone system can help you do that.

…and in terms of clients

Your business has also gotten more clients? Splendid! Now you have to keep in contact with them and make sure you stay organized. Cloud-based phone services like MightyCall offer the ability to save notes on customer calls in one convenient place, so everyone can be on the same page.

You are not located in a single area near a single phone all of the time

Being in one place constantly makes a landline an easy option. But when you move around, it’s no good. Relying on a number tied to a cell phone can’t help either, because that means you’ll need two numbers – one for your office, one for you. A cloud phone service eliminates that concern by making one number available for calling from anywhere.

You want to separate personal calls from business calls

Maybe your business is on a smaller size, or maybe you just get calls of a different variety throughout the day. It can be extremely frustrating to not know whether you’re picking up a call from a friend or a call from an important client. A web-based phone can make things clearer.

You want a clearer overview of your call statistics

Maybe you think your employees are making too few phone calls. Maybe you want to figure out what times of day calls are more likely to connect. With a modern virtual phone system, all of this information can be at your fingertips.

How to Get a Cloud Phone Service?


1 Create a MightyCall account


2 Choose your phone number


3 Customize your settings

The best part of a cloud phone system for small business is flexibility


4 Start calling

Once that’s done, you can get your phone calls underway!

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Why Buy a Cloud Telephone System From MightyCall?

All virtual

Up and running in minutes.

World class security & reliability

Your conversation quality will stand the test of time thanks to our 99.99% uptime, 24/7 network security,  data encryption, and protection from robocallers.

Any number a business or entrepreneur could need

Toll-free, local, vanity, and international numbers. Competitors often charge extra for these numbers, but we know customers need variety and all the tools they can use, so we don’t. You can get these different numbers with your plan.

MightyCall’s Phone Numbers Selection

Great features

Get access to dozens of features, none of which are per month extras. From team-oriented features like call waiting, call transfer, and conference calls to call recording and voicemail-to-text, every aspect of the customer-communication cycle is covered to help you convert calls to sales.

Competitive price

With some of the lowest per user prices without a drop in call quality or feature set, our packages offer some of the best value on the market.

Live customer support

Customer support for our VoIP cloud service consists of real people with years of experience. Our chatbot isn’t there for show and we have numerous ways for customers to reach out if they need help.

MightyCall’s Cloud Phone System

Play video

MightyCall’s easy, affordable, and effective phone system is designed for small business and entrepreneurs. You don’t need any special hardware to enjoy the advanced features and numerous advantages of VoIP technology.

Features Inside MightyCall’s Business Cloud Phone System

MightyCall Call Routing
  • Auto attendant: the crown jewel of MightyCall’s VoIP cloud phone system, this allows for you to address customer concerns without ever picking up the phone. Record audio, get calls where they need to go, and lots more.
  • Virtual voicemail: This feature takes voicemail and sends it flying into the 21st century. With MightyCall, not only can you listen to or read your voicemail from anywhere using modern cloud VoIP technology, but you can also get a copy of the text automatically sent to your email.
  • Call forwarding: Get calls to where they need to be with call forwarding. No more handing off the phone – just send people on their way.
  • SMS texting: Texting is a mainstay of modern communication. So why wouldn’t it be a mainstay of MightyCall’s modern cloud-based phone service? MightyCall lets you send texts over the internet.
  • Call screening: With this feature, you can choose when you want to respond to calls. Don’t let calls control you – control your calls instead with MightyCall.
  • Block and VIP Lists: Avoid obnoxious spam calls and give special leeway to the callers who actually matter by screening calls ahead of time.

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way:   Simple Efficient Organized

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way

How Does VoIP Cloud Service Work?

So how does a cloud telephone system tick? What is a web based phone? It’s not as difficult to understand as you might think. It’s based in the cloud, meaning it’s based on a (usually) offsite server. It runs entirely on the internet, which means when you make calls, it converts your voice into digitized “packets” which are then sent over that very same internet to the destination. There are no phone wires involved from your end.

However, it’s important to understand that the person you are speaking to does not need to be employing cloud VoIP. They can simply be using a standard landline.

The Difference Between Traditional and Cloud Phone Solutions

Traditional Phone System Business Telephone System
Often solely a single phone number Comes with up to dozens of features
Tied to a single phone Can be accessed on any internet capable device
Attached to a geographic area where purchased Local codes from around the country can be purchased, regardless of the location of the purchaser
Can only be used one at a time Can be used by anyone logged on
Requires extensive hardware Requires an internet connection

Benefits of Cloud Phone System

The benefits of a cloud phone system are legion. And ways that those benefits can improve the running of your business? Even more so. Here are just a few things which make a cloud hosted phone system such a good choice for SMBs:

Work wherever you want to

This is the one which attracts people the most, which is why we have it listed first. Being able to control where you want to work, instead of being controlled by the location of a deskphone or a desktop computer, is a huge benefit.

Attain full work integration

With the plethora of useful computer programs has come a new problem – having your data and communications spread out across all sorts of apps. That’s why cloud-based phone systems like MightyCall allow for integration of key apps like WhatsApp Business, Zapier, and others.

The auto attendant

This benefit, its own feature, is so useful we figured it deserved its own entry here. Being able to answer customer concerns without having to have a real person a) saves you money, b) saves your clients time, and c) saves your time. Win-win-win.

Increase productivity

Not having to worry about answering the phone so much, with evenly divided duties or an auto attendant, means you can increase your productivity dramatically. Have your work get done for you.

Add and subtract numbers and extensions easily

Traditional systems require you to jump through hoops to add new numbers and extensions. With MightyCall, it’s extremely simple.

Have a well-rounded service

You no longer need to just have a phone. Now you can keep things well-rounded and get everything you need to keep communications flowing – all in one package.

What Business Owners Use MightyCall?


Doctors’ offices and hospitals constantly have new information they need to provide: new offices, sicknesses, holiday hours, and the like. A cloud VoIP, utilizing the auto attendant, makes it incredibly easy to do so without ever having to answer the phone.

IT people

If you’re an IT person who helps out multiple small companies, you might be on the road a lot. If you’re tied down to a single office, it will lessen your ability to connect to your customers and lessens your ability to make new ones.

Real estate agent

Real estate agents have a central office – but they’re also driving and going all the time. Only being able to respond to calls when you’re back in the office can lose you real cash. But being able to answer from anywhere, on anything? That’s a horse (or house?) of a different color.


Tutors are constantly on the go and, unless they use their house, do not often have a home base of operations (especially for freelance workers). Their local cafe can become their office – that is, if they use a cloud phone.

Consulting professionals

A consultant needs to be able to answer their phone at any time, especially if they have big clients. They can’t be stapled to their desk waiting for the phone to ring. But with VoIP, if they’re near an internet connection, they’re near their phone.

What is Required for Implementation of Cloud-Based Business Phone system, Including Equipment

To start making VoIP phone calls, you really don’t need much. While some older phone systems may have required you to buy bulky phones (usually of a particular brand), this phone service requires only a few easily obtainable things:

  • High quality internet connection: generally around 90-100 kbps, though faster never hurt anyone!
  • VoIP service provider: the company providing the service
  • Device for calling: this can be a cell phone or laptop
  • VoIP handset: this one is optional but is a good idea if you’re making calls around others/if you want to ensure the best audio quality for your callers
  • VoIP adapter: you’ll only need one of these if you want to continue using certain analog telephones. If you’re unsure, simply ask your provider for help.
  • Special software or online service: many cloud phone systems, including MightyCall, don’t inherently require any extra software to work. Some may, however, and other software simply exists to make the process smoother.

Note: The person calling you does not have to have any special system. They can have a good old fashioned analog phone.

How to Switch to a Phone Solution for Small Business by MightyCall?

Is this a VoIP number or traditional one? Does not matter. It’s very easy to turn your current number into a virtual phone with MightyCall. The process is quick and painless- and free!

  1. Gather Your Information: You’ll need a signed letter of authorization, your contact information, payment information, and of course your number information.
  2. Notify your current provider.
  3. Submit your porting request on this page.
  4. Wait 10-15 days. Do not cancel your current contract while this is ongoing.
  5. Start using MightyCall!

Important Points About Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems

How much does a cloud phone system cost?

Cloud systems can vary wildly in price, with some costing you just a few bucks and others costing you something in the triple digits. MightyCall offers different price tiers which vary depending on your needs – not theirs. The lowest price starts at $15 a month per user.

Is a cloud company phone system cheaper than a landline?

Landline prices can likewise vary dramatically depending on who you go with and the number of lines you have. Some are extremely expensive, but some can be low cost. Generally, however, because of their low maintenance and low levels of necessary extra equipment, cloud companies are cheaper than landlines.

How many people can use a business phone system at the same time?

The true genius of a cloud-based phone system lies in the fact that many people can use them at once, as opposed to one person being able to pick up a phone at a given time. Anyone logged in can answer a phone call with a VoIP system.

Best Practices for Choosing a Business Telephone System

Understand what you’re searching for

Start the process by understanding what it is you actually want to have in a phone system. Are you looking for maximum flexibility? Are you looking for a specific feature?

Choose between a traditional or online phone system for small business

Next, figure out whether you want the traditional type of system – wires and all – or if you want to go with something virtual.

Go with a telephony provider who has modern tech

Finally, go with a cutting edge company. Nothing would be worse than starting off on your back foot by going with a company stuck in the past.

Best Phone Systems for Businesses


MightyCall is a premier VoIP company. Leading the way with cutting edge technology, a dedicated support staff, and features built around what businesses need, it”s a great choice for businesses from small to large.

MightyCall Cloud Phone System



  • Litany of useful and key features - none just thrown in there to beef up numbers
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • All business phone features included in every plan


  • Cannot edit all aspects of call flow from the mobile app
  • Extra phone numbers cost extra

Best for

  • MightyCall is a superb option for SMBs and larger businesses

Price per month

  • Core: from $15 per user per month
  • Pro: from $20 per user per month


Nextiva is a VoIP company which offers key features like voicemail, IVR, custom filters, and warm transfer.




  • Integrations help make it usable as communications center
  • Video conferencing has high number of possible users


  • Some important features not available in lower tier
  • On the more expensive side

Best for

  • Nextiva is a good option for businesses on the bigger side, since they can work well with companies with a large amount of employees

Price (all per user per month)

  • Essential: $18.95
  • Professional: $22.95
  • Enterprise: $32.95
  • Ultimate: $57.95


Grasshopper is a well-known cloud phone company. They have features like virtual faxing, call forwarding, instant response, and extensions.




  • Is not missing any crucial VoIP features
  • Well known in VoIP world


  • More expensive
  • Certain features seem thrown in and are not going to be very helpful

Best for

  • Grasshopper is very helpful for new, small businesses

Price (per month)

  • Solo: $29
  • Partner: $49
  • Small Business: $89


Like Grasshopper, RingCentral is also fairly well known. Notable for their high degree of integrations, they are a powerful option for larger businesses.




  • Strong support staff
  • High number of integrations available


  • Certain features not incredibly unique
  • Lowest tier does not offer much

Best for

  • Businesses on the larger side

Price (monthly, 1-20 users):

  • Essentials: $32.99
  • Standard: $40.99
  • Premium: $47.99
  • Ultimate: $62.99

Ooma Office

Ooma Office is a comprehensive telephony package which differs slightly from our others by offering deskphones or base stations to use as well.




  • Offers high quality audio
  • Low prices


  • Crucial features like call queue only on higher tiers
  • Add-ons like local numbers cost extra

Best for

  • Remote workers

Price (all per user per month):

  • Ooma Office Essentials: $19.95
  • Ooma Office Pro: $24.95
  • Ooma Office Pro Plus: $29.95

Ready to Take Your Team to the Next Level With Small Business Internet Phone Service?

When the facts are laid out, it’s clear: there’s no competing with the powerful features and capabilities of a cloud-based phone system. And there’s no competing with a VoIP system like MightyCall. A dedicated support staff, 99.99% uptime, and dozens of key features makes this one cloud-based phone system for business you won’t want to miss!


MightyCall lets you run business communications your way:   Simple Efficient Organized

See how MightyCall
can help your business

Book demo

No hassle. No commitment.
A 7-day test drive

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way