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Business Phone Features
Call Logs

Call Logs

Optimize Your Operations with the Call Log Insights

Call Log is a tracking feature where every incoming and outgoing call on the MightyCall platform gets logged and stored. This ensures businesses have comprehensive data on call activities, aiding in analytics and operational improvements.

What is the Call Log Feature?

The Call Log is an advanced feature offering a panoramic view of all calls associated with your MightyCall account. With its user-centric approach, this feature is equipped to cater to various roles, ensuring successful call management.

How does the Call Log Feature work in MightyCall?

The Call Log feature in MightyCall provides a systematic and detailed record of incoming, outgoing, and internal calls over a specified period. It works differently depending on the User Roles:


  • Direct incoming calls and those received in calling groups or transferred by another user.
  • Their outgoing calls.
  • Internal calls they participated in.
  • Call and voicemail records according to their access levels.


  • All incoming calls to their accessible business number(s).
  • Transferred and direct calls to their extensions.
  • All outgoing calls from their business number(s).
  • Internal calls they were part of and those among agents.
  • All associated call & voicemail records.


  • Holistic access to all calls on the MightyCall account.

How do you access the Call Log feature in MightyCall?

Accessing the Call Log:

  1. Open your MightyCall dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Reports tab.
  3. Inside the Reports section, click on the Call Log tab.

Understanding the page layout:

Once inside the Call Log, you’ll see a table layout presenting the call history.

Interacting with Columns: Customize which columns you want to see by clicking the Columns button. While some columns like “Call Start Time” are permanent, others can be toggled on or off based on your preference:

  • Call Start Time: A default column that displays when each call started. This column is fixed and can’t be hidden. You can sort calls based on this time by clicking the arrows icon at the column header.
  • Direction
  • Result
  • Contact
  • Call Owner: Shows the primary agent responsible for the call.
  • Participants: Lists all members who were part of the call, showing their status (ringing, accepted, missed).
  • Business Number
  • Recording: Allows you to access the call or voicemail recording. You can listen, download, or copy its link.
  • Note
  • Total Duration
  • Call ID
  • Call End Time
  • Workgroup
  • Trace ID

Refreshing and exporting data:

  • Click the refresh button if you want to update the list of calls. Note: This button will be visible only if you’ve selected a time period that includes future dates (e.g., “This Week” if it’s still ongoing).
  • To export the current view of the log, click on the CSV button. This will download the log as a CSV file, useful for offline analysis or record-keeping.

Applying intuitive filters for targeted insights

MightyCall’s Call Log comes equipped with advanced filters, ensuring that users can get to the specific data points without sifting through extensive logs:

  • Direction: Differentiate between inbound, outbound, or internal calls.
  • Result: Analyze call outcomes, including successful connects, drops, or unanswered calls.
  • Business Number: Isolate data based on specific business numbers.
  • Employee & Workgroup Filters: These are especially handy for Managers & Administrators to review performance or analyze call patterns of specific teams or individuals.

Why is MightyCall’s Call Log feature so helpful?

  1. Transparency & Efficiency: MightyCall’s Call Log offers role-based permissions, ensuring that each member, from agents to administrators, can access only the data relevant to their position. This not only ensures data security but also promotes efficient call handling and reduces time wasted on irrelevant information.
  2. Improved Processes: The Call Log feature is designed with user-friendliness in mind. With customizable views, powerful filters, and intuitive controls, accessing specific call data or getting a broad overview has never been easier. Whether you’re a manager seeking specific call trends or an agent looking for personal call data, the system accommodates your needs.
  3. Data Retention: One of the standout features of the MightyCall Call Log is its ability to remember your customizations and settings. So, if you’ve set up the log in a particular way that suits your workflow, you won’t have to repeat the process the next time you log in. This ensures consistency and makes repeated tasks hassle-free.
  4. Comprehensive Insight: The Call Log provides a holistic view of all call-related activities. From the time a call starts to its end, from participants to call notes, every detail is captured. This depth of data is invaluable for businesses that rely on insights to improve their operations, train staff, or identify opportunities for growth.

What are some industry applications of MightyCall’s Call Log feature?

  • Customer Service Centers: Call logs are crucial in customer service centers to review interactions, measure agent performance, and ensure a consistent quality of service. By analyzing the logs, managers can identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training.
  • Sales and Telemarketing: For sales teams, especially those involved in telemarketing, call logs can provide insights into call durations, successful conversions, and the efficiency of sales pitches. It can also help in tracking follow-ups and analyzing peak calling times for maximum conversions.
  • Healthcare Services: In healthcare, call logs can be used to track patient inquiries, appointment confirmations, and telemedicine consultations. They can provide insights into patient engagement, help in ensuring timely medical advice, and improve overall patient care.
  • Technical Support and IT Helpdesks: Call logs assist in monitoring the frequency of specific technical issues, average resolution times, and the performance of individual support agents. This data can be used to develop knowledge bases, improve support processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Financial Services and Banking: Call logs in financial institutions can help monitor customer inquiries about services, track transaction confirmations over the phone, and ensure regulatory compliance. They also assist in fraud detection by analyzing call patterns and flagging suspicious activities.

MightyCall’s Testament to Advanced Features

Call Log is merely one of the numerous cutting-edge features MightyCall provides as a part of its extensive array of call center solutions. MightyCall is dedicated to offering organizations cutting-edge technologies that will improve customer communications and increase productivity. Here are some of our most recent additions:

  • Call Listening – A supervisor discreetly observes an ongoing call to access the agent;s performance to share insights afterward.
  • Call Recording – Calls get captured and stored, making them accessible for future analysis and playback.
  • Call Whispering – During a call, a supervisor has the ability to communicate privately with an agent, and the customer remains unaware.
  • Call Barging – When an agent faces difficulty, a supervisor can seamlessly enter the conversation and engage with the customer directly.
  • Call Intercept – If an agent gets disconnected from a call, the supervisor takes charge of the conversation with the customer.

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