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Business Phone Features
Business SMS

Business SMS

Get a Business Text Number and Grow Closer to Your Customers

Use your VoIP business number to instantly drop important information, reminders, and promotions into the palm of your customers’ hands.

What is Business SMS?

Business texting is a phone system feature that allows you to send messages from the local or toll-free number associated with your business. Unlike other communication channels, SMS have reliably high open rates, making them a fantastic communication and marketing tool. Companies use the feature to send information updates, appointment reminders, promotions, and SMS marketing.

What Does the Business SMS Feature Look Like?

The feature is organized as part of all your communications history. You will find it in the Journal section of your MightyCall profile. At the top, you’ll see several tabs. Clicking on the “Texts” tab will lead you right to the section of the Journal that stores all your written communication, both regular and multimedia.

MightyCall’s Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Now Available on All Devices 

How to Enable Business Phone Texting in MightyCall

To be able to text from a business phone number, you’ll need to activate the feature in your profile. It takes just 4 steps:

  1. Go to the Numbers and Widgets tab of your MightyCall profile.
  2. Under the “Business numbers” tab , you’ll find a list of your available numbers
  3. On the right of each number, you’ll find the “Text messages” toggle. If it’s grey, it means the function is deactivated.
  4. Click to activate the function for each number where applicable. The toggle will turn green when active and have a check mark.
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How Does Business Text Messaging Work?

Messaging allows you to communicate with clients through short written information right from your business phone number. Customers can reply to this number, just as they would reply to a friend.

Here’s a bit more on the perks of MightyCall SMS:

  • Send business SMS without buying a special short-code number: you can communicate right through your local, toll-free or vanity phone number. This is both easier for customers to recognize and doesn’t cost anything extra for you.
  • Since this is a business feature, your whole team has access to it. Team members can view all threads in your phone system profile, making follow-up easy.
  • Instead of your business phone number, you can put your business name as Caller ID. This is known as CNAM. So when a customer gets word from you, they see your company name, not just a bunch of digits they don’t know.
  • According to U.S. regulations, clients must consent to SMS. This is usually done by being clear about the commercial nature of messaging and providing an opt-out option.

Good Occasions for Using Mobile Communication

When is a good opportunity to use the feature instead of an email or phone call? For most companies, this type of communication is best for:

Sending appointment and event reminders – If you are a local business and operate through appointments or hold events, sending a short reminder to the invitees with the date and time is a great idea. Mostly everyone on your list will appreciate the discreet reminder.

Dispatching important information – Use it to send SMS messages about special holiday hours, new office locations, important service announcements/updates, product launches, and other information that’s too important to get lost in email.

Sending promos and marketing – Beyond just short info, you can send promotions, sales, coupons, and short videos. Interactive communication using images or video (MMS, also offered by MightyCall which you can learn about here) works best for commercial multimedia content.

SMS from Your Business Number on Android and iOS

To have every MightyCall feature in your pocket, wherever in the world business finds you, download our free Mobile App for iOS or Android today.

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MightyCall’s mobile app

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How to Send and Receive Business Text Messages?

With MightyCall, you can use the functionality both in your desktop profile, accessible to all team members connected to the system, and on your team members’ individual smartphones.

Via the Web Panel (Desktop)

  1. Go to the Journal section of the MightyCall profile.
  2. Click the “Texts” tab.
  3. To send a new message, click the “Send text” button in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  4. To view an existing thread and continue your communication with an existing client, click the “Threads” tab and then select the desired thread.
  5. A pop up window will spring up, where you’ll see your previous communication with the customer. Write in the field below and click “Send”.

Incoming text messages will be automatically added to your MightyCall Journal and shown in Threads. Click on any thread to view the particular communication.

Via the Mobile App

  1. Open MightyCall’s Mobile App and tap the [+] button on the main screen.
  2. Enter your recipient’s number (To:), manually or from your phone address book.
  3. Enter what you have to say and tap Save.
  4. To view an incoming SMS to a business number or browse all text messag

How Does MightyCall’s SMS Translation Tool Work?

Navigating a multilingual world just got easier with MightyCall’s new SMS Translation feature, available for Android and iOS users. If you have an existing message thread, a long tap on any message will reveal a new ‘Translate’ option in the menu. If it’s your first time using the feature and you haven’t downloaded any dictionaries, a prompt will ask if you’d like to do so. Once downloaded, your first language choice becomes the default for future translations, indicated by a star icon.

In case if you have no dictionaries downloaded, the system auto-detects the original language and downloads it alongside English. Translations happen in real-time, right within your message thread. If you want to switch languages, a modal window makes it easy to choose from your downloaded dictionaries. The process is intuitive, ensuring that language is no longer a barrier in your communications.

SMS translation screenshot MightyCall

Why Send and Receive Texts With Your Business Phone Number?

There are lots of perks to making the feature a part of your daily business ritual. Here are just a few:

98% open rates

Neither email nor social media can boast the same open rates as a simple SMS. Not using it for business when it’s so readily available means missing out on a lot!

Professional attitude

Sending an appointment or event reminder from your business text number shows customers that you are a professional, reliable company. It also shows that your customer service is on a high standard, and it will be a pleasure to do business with you in the future.

Discreetly spread brand awareness

When you’re present in customers’ daily lives, they will remember to choose your service at the exact right moment. The important thing here is to be discreet and not over communicate – otherwise, customers will either unsubscribe or banish you to the spam folder.

Marketing minus extra costs

Promoting ads for your brand on social media demands constant investment and can accumulate into a fortune. But SMS for business is already included in your phone system subscription. This means you don’t have to pay anything extra for getting that extra exposure.

It’s personal and creative

Since this is a communication channel we mostly use in personal conversations, receiving information right on your mobile phone feels personalized and unique. While plain forms don’t provide a lot of creativity, with multimedia messaging there’s no limit to how you style your communications – be it through enticing images or even videos.

Easy to use for teams

For most companies, it’s not just one person doing the communications part with customers. If you have several people on the team, it’s important for all employees to send and receive text messages from your business phone number. This is exactly what the feature provides, since your team can follow up with clients right from their own phones.

Use Case

Let’s say you are a local legal firm and operate on an appointment basis. Sometimes it happens that your clients get busy and miss their appointment. To avoid this, you want to send reminders after you have had a call with them. This feature is useful and handy since you can send texts from a business number both from the app or the webphone and ensure that your communication is constant. Your clients will also be able to reply right from their mobile phone and notify you in advance of any changes or if they need to set the appointment to another date.

Helpful Terms to Know About Business Texting

VoIP – VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. The term is used for modern telephone systems which operate via the internet instead of over PSTN networks or traditional phone lines (wires). Skype and WhatsApp are both VoIP. So is MightyCall.

SMS – The familiar abbreviation stands for “Short Message Service”. We often use the term colloquially, but in fact it implies only a plain-text message of 160 characters or less. For anything longer, or multimedia, see the term below.

MMS – Also known as “Multimedia Messaging Service”, it is the more advanced form of business phone texting. Used for sending not just plain words but also images, GIFs, audio, video, documents, and more.

Outbound Caller ID (CNAM) – The abbreviation means “Caller Name Delivery”. With MightyCall text messaging, you can activate this service that allows you to display your business name instead of just a number on your clients’ devices. For example, when you reach out to a customer, they will see “Brad’s Florist” displayed on their phone screen, instead of just a number like 1-800(123-4567).

Ready to Text From a Business Phone Number?

The feature isn’t just another perk of virtual phone systems, but a great way to build your professional reputation and add a friendly presence in your customers’ lives. Wondering how to get a business text number quickly and without paying a penny more for the service? With both traditional and multimedia messaging, MightyCall messaging gives you all the tools to create personalized conversations with customers, and easily engage your team into the process. Try it today and see the difference for yourself.

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