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Case Studies

Solar X – The #1 Solar Panel Installation Company Brightens their Sales Experience with MightyCall

Solar X
Solar panel installation contractor
business case

This case study centers around not just any solar panel installer, but the best in Canada. Solar X’s range of services is wide and the team makes sure you won’t have to worry about anything: they give free online assessments, help customers choose the proper system for their house and finally – install it quickly.

Solar X became Canada’s number one solar panel installer back in 2020 and since then they’ve fought to stay on top of the industry and keep up with their clientele’s high standards by providing the best possible customer experience in the market. There are many key elements to it, but today we’ll focus on the business phone system Solar X uses to manage their business communications: MightyCall.


The whole team is about 30 people, over 90% of whom work remotely, which is why a business phone system is so integral to their operations. We talked to Anthony Thorburn, the Sales manager at Solar X, to find out what he has to say about their MightyCall experience.

Why MightyCall

One of our values is to keep both our user experience and user interface intuitive, visually attractive and easy to use. That focus is exactly why our customers constantly highlight MightyCall’s UI/UX when reviewing the product. MightyCall purposefully keeps it that way so both experienced and beginner VoIP users can manage the system without any difficulty.

We used another web-based platform, but it was not as integrated as MightyCall and it was not nearly as intuitive. Also, some of the actual call quality with crackling and dropped calls seemed to be quite frequent. As far as the integration, there was none. So, everything had to be manually input into HubSpot from the call times and how many calls were done. So yeah, this [MightyCall] is miles, miles beyond.

Call quality is also one of our priorities. MightyCall has been able to provide the best connection possible, not to mention the service’s uptime is as high as ~99.99%. So, when we say it’s reliable, we actually mean it.

Now let’s look at a more specific reason, something relevant to Solar X’s case that we are particularly proud of.

MightyCall HubSpot integration

A CRM system is an essential tool for any growing business. Keeping all the stages of communication organized, removing the need for manually registering interactions and thus, improving both team and customer communications – are the key takeaways of implementing a CRM system.

In 2022 MightyCall introduced a native integration with HubSpot, which became the number one reason Solar X’s chose our service. They had been using the CRM for some time when they felt the need to integrate their calls with the CRM system as well. This is when their search began and they ended up finding MightyCall.

Actually, it was my predecessor who chose MightyCall. He was a more technically-inclined fellow. So, he self-sourced MightyCall from reviews as well as obviously looking at the integration with HubSpot.

HubSpot Call log

So, what are the exact benefits of the MightyCall HubSpot integration? First and foremost is the automated transfer of all the interactions between the CRM and business phone system. What it means in practicality is that you don’t have to worry about losing previous call details or having to check side apps. Moreover, you can call customers straight from HubSpot as well as see all the notes about the client you’re in touch with.

Well, just the organization of keeping in contact with clients as well as organizing the many departments within our team [is vital]. So, [we got MightyCall] to make sure there was a cohesive transmission of data between stages. It’s great just having a concise log on the actual file, so no need to go through a third party and export data and then sift through all of that.

A manager’s dream

That’s exactly how Anthony described the service’s role in his managing position. So, what are the benefits from a sales manager’s perspective? Let the quotes speak for themselves.

Well with me in the management position, keeping track of when clients were called, appointments were being adhered to, and the amount of time that was spent on the phone. As you know, we didn’t want to continuously call the same client over and over. And sometimes people could forget to update the call log manually. So, having it automated, it’s just a manager’s dream.

HubSpot Analytics

Of course keeping track of the agents and making sure work schedules are adhered to, all that kind of stuff. Just having a concise log on the actual file, so no need to go through a third party and export data and then sift through all of that.

Integrated call logs with all the necessary follow ups including messages, voicemails and even voicemail transcriptions, with available metrics, are requisites for a manager. All this together creates a conclusive and complete workflow which Anthony calls a dream for a reason.

Scaling into the future

What can the number one company in an industry do? The answer is clear – keep delivering the best service possible to keep that status and keep scaling.

I mean we work across Canada and scaling with that as we get more interest in solar, we’re obviously going to need to onboard more team members. So having said that, that’s really our big focus since we’ve already got number one. So now we’ve got to stay number one.

And of course, MightyCall will scale along with Solar X’s growing number of users and all the other communication tools available with the service.

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