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Case Studies

How MightyCall Empowers Cheelcare to Spread Innovative Medical Equipment and Help People with Disabilities

business case

Healthcare, one of the most prevalent industries among MightyCall customers, is a sphere with a wide variety of specializations. In this article we’ll look at Cheelcare, a company that sells powered wheelchairs and accessories to help people with disabilities get out of the house and be more mobile. What could be more valuable than helping improve people’s quality of life?

Big impact made by a small team

Cheelcare hasn’t completely aged their way out of the start-up development stage, but six years of active experience in the market brought the company to a position where they have a wide product line and an established brand. The company also boasts an award-winning power assist system for manual wheelchairs in addition to their own wheelchair models and a line of related accessories for the equipment.


The uniqueness of the product has allowed Cheelcare to get decent recognition within an industry as big as healthcare, boosting the customer base to the next level. This is what happens when you combine people with extensive experience in adjacent spheres and put them into a small but mightily efficient team with the same values and the desire to do something meaningful to help society.

Larger scale – more needs

As a customer base grows, the need for a better structured customer communication system always follows. There will always be a point when you can’t use a conventional phone system anymore, and you need something more advanced, a system which can cover all a business’s needs. Cheelcare has reached this pointm which is how Allex Laurin, the Director of Marketing, describes their previous phone situation,

Before MightyCall we had a very basic phone line: one standard line in our office connected to a set of wireless handhelds, so we had no more than a home phone, and as we grew and scaled our business, especially when it came to a remote set up for our staff, we needed to find something that was a lot more robust and flexible.

Why MightyCall?

Interestingly, Allex told us he didn’t have to spend much time looking for the right VoIP provider, since he´d had prior experience with MightyCall at his previous job. A good sign, right? Every business has different requests for business phone system features. But what were the deciding factors for returning to the same product? Let’s look at his comments:

We had a need to spin up our phone system very quickly. When Covid hit and the world changed overnight, we needed a way to allow our workers to be remote and to get onboarded quickly. MightyCall afforded us the chance to do that by just putting in an email address, setting up a password and picking up phone number and we were off to the races. Porting our existing number was also critical.

We keep saying our sign-up process is easy, and it’s satisfying to hear Cheelcare took advantage and managed to incorporate MightyCall into their work process quickly.

Main problems solved with MightyCall’s features

Let’s look closer at the real examples of our service use. Again, the type of VoIP features used by a company is determined by its individual needs. So, how exactly did MightyCall help Cheelcare team make their workflow more efficient? Most importantly, our service helped them solve customer communication challenges,

I would say that the number 1 problem that MightyCall has helped us solve is being able to effectively route calls to both our officers and our remote workers. We have some of our staff members who are out in the field and one of our challenges is that when you have a landline system that’s tethered to your cored phone, you don’t necessarily have the ability to route the call directly to someone in a car, out in the field or working from home.

MightyCall Call Routing

That is where the true value lies in the core of a virtual phone system, especially a reliable one that will always keep staff connected. Regarding for the main features used by the Cheelcare team, other than the core Call Flow for smooth call routing, there was one thing that was outstanding:

Being able to text through MightyCall has actually proven to be one of the biggest features right now that I find critical to the system. As bizarre as it sounds, just a couple of days ago I actually sold a wheelchair entirely by text message to a customer. Being able to add texting to our centralized system is just a huge benefit, because we can use that to communicate with our customers in a different way.

Future milestones to achieve

There’s only one thing which is more satisfying than seeing your customers shine and grow their business – hearing we can help them with their future plans on expanding! And this is exactly what Cheelcare is planning to do, as there’s no reason for them to stop.

Allex told us they’re planning to bring a new original model to the market in the near future, which again, should lead to more calls and messages, which they are prepared to deal with thanks to MightyCall. We’re happy to contribute to the team’s sales experiences and help bring life-changing products to customers!

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