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MightyCall-Salesforce Integration

Optimize workflow and boost productivity by merging a business phone system into your CRM

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a global cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that has revolutionized the way businesses manage and optimize their customer interactions. With a suite of robust and innovative tools, Salesforce enables organizations to track customer information, manage leads, analyze data, and enhance marketing and sales efforts.

How does MightyCall work with Salesforce?


Empower your agents to make and receive calls directly within Salesforce, without the need to toggle between different applications. This integrated approach streamlines their workflow, reducing time spent on navigating between systems and increasing overall efficiency.

Automated call log

Calls made or received via your MightyCall number are automatically linked and logged to the respective Salesforce contact. This allows you to access the entire communication history with a contact in the CRM, helping you to provide personalized support much quicker.

Contact pop-ups

Upon receiving an incoming call, a contact card appears, displaying all essential information about the call. This facilitates easy follow-up, ensuring customer support even when multiple agents are involved in handling a single customer’s concerns.

MightyCall plans required for the Salesforce integration

MightyCall for Salesforce is accessible to all MightyCall users on the Business and Enterprise plans, alongside a plethora of other powerful tools and functionalities.

How to Connect MightyCall to Salesforce

Integrating MightyCall with Salesforce only takes a few clicks. Just follow the instructions, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at +1 (888) 256-8312 ext. 2 or support@mightycall.com if you have any questions.

Follow these instructions to enable the integration:

  1. In your MightyCall account settings, choose CRM integration -> More integrations -> Install.
  2. Select the business numbers you want to connect to Salesforce. You can skip this step if you want to do it later.
  3. Choose the environment type: Production or Sandbox.
  4. Sign in to your Salesforce account.
  5. Grant MightyCall access to your Salesforce.
  6. Install MightyCall CTI that allows you to make outbound and receive inbound calls within your CRM. You can return to this step later or skip it.
  7. If needed, test the integration by clicking Make a Test Call log.
  8. Enjoy the empowered duo!

How the integration empowers REST Centres, a nonprofit that provides homes to people in need

The MightyCall-Salesforce integration boosted REST Centres’ communication process, enabling them to focus more on their clients and keep track of their clients’ changes on file.

This duo proved to be a significant advantage in a way that they can call their clients directly from Salesforce. There’s simply no need in switching between the platforms.

The Salesforce integration allows us to connect the profile of the client directly with the number and click without having to go through any hoops. So, think of it as a direct one-screen time-saving mechanism, it pretty much does it all.

Busola Koyi, IT Manager at REST Centres REST Centres

MightyCall for Nonprofit | REST Centres

Play video

Watch the video to find out how REST Centres benefit from the MightyCall-Salesforce integration and other VoIP features

Benefits of the MightyCall-Salesforce Integration

Enhanced communication management

Harness the synergistic potential of both apps’ databases to personalize your customer interactions. Match existing contacts and automatically generate new ones, while gaining immediate access to a contact’s profile containing highlighted information about past exchanges and notes contributed by you or your team members.

More productive team

Once the integration of the two services is complete, users can manage the entire customer lifecycle, encompassing inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, all within a unified platform. This eliminates the need to switch between systems, making communication workflows more effective, and saving time by enabling team members to concentrate on their core tasks without disruptions.

Advanced reporting and analytics

The integration equips users with robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their communication performance. By tracking call activities and outcomes, users can make informed, data-driven decisions for more effective management, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience and driving business success.

Best Customer service

The benefits of phone integration result in enhanced customer relationships and superior service at every interaction. Catering to both new and returning customers, as well as sales or support teams, the Salesforce VoIP integration consistently delivers an optimal customer experience, promoting satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty.

Scalable solution

This software integration presents a scalable approach to handling communication and customer engagement for organizations across the spectrum, from small businesses to enterprise-level corporations. By synchronizing call data with your CRM, you can effectively remove barriers to your business’s growth, fostering expansion and the ease of scalability.

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