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Case Studies

MightyCall Helps Crown Key Realty Manage Properties More Efficiently

Crown Key Realty
Real Estate Property Management
business case

Crown Key Realty is a property management company with over 6 years in the market. Susan Goulding, the founder, has a lot of experience under her belt, which has helped her business to find the best way to manage calls from owners and tenants. Being a MightyCall customer for More than a year now, she was able to share good advice and insights into how this was helpful for the company’s path.

The Real Estate Industry is the leader among MightyCall customers, which presupposes quite a lot of branches off it. As Susan says:

With property management I kind of liken it to marriage and dating. I’d say that buying a house is like dating, so you always say yes, you’re happy but it’s short lived. Property management is like a lifetime, it’s like a marriage.

So, today we’re getting more serious and talking about the marriage stage and how MightyCall can help maintain a better level of relationship and save you from a divorce with your customers.

Long time trying different providers

It’s always interesting to listen to our customers who have tried other business phone systems give testimonials. In this case CrownRealty’s team spent a year and a half trying two other VoIP providers and ended up choosing MightyCall over them.

We tried RingCentral, that was not good. We tried Grasshopper, it was OK, but we really like that MightyCall allows us to record the calls. We love the pricing for everything included. Other companies give a base rate then add-ons. Mightycall is amazing for the value. Secondly your tech support is really helpful and fast.

This opinion is shared by thousands of our customers. MightyCall has clear pricing and all the necessary features are included in the plans so you don’t have to pay extra. Moreover, our prices are below average in the industry, since we like to bring value to businesses and keep it affordable for small and medium businesses.


The tech support team in MightyCall is highly praised and it is literally the main thing people talk about when they leave reviews about our service. Want to see it yourself? Check out MightyCall’s G2 reviews.

Dealing with discrepancies

Nobody wants to have misunderstandings with customers, let alone with your staff, but sometimes it’s just inevitable. Every now and again there can be some mismatched claims which can potentially lead to an argument. What should a professional business owner do in these cases? Go through the calls again and double check what was actually said and what wasn’t. This is exactly what Susan does when discrepancies appear:

As the owner of the company I like being able to go and to listen to the conversation as an education tool like “you need to sound perkier or you need to sound happier or yeah we should have said this differently”. I don´t monitor all their calls, but it’s certainly nice to have that. That was a big feature for me. We have tenants that say “you told us you were going to..” we go back to the call.. No, we did not say that. So, that’s really huge.

MightyCall Call Center Call Log

It’s certainly advantageous to be able to keep everything under control: your team’s professionalism and having proof and leverage to negotiate with your clients, if needed, to be as objective as possible.

Remote team

Now it’s clear the world is not going back to what it was like before Covid hit. With no offices needed, a lot of businesses can benefit and have employees from all around the world. CrownKey’s team is one of those examples:

I still have remote team members in Mexico and in the Philippines and they have no trouble using the system. My staff like it.

This is undoubtedly one of the key VoIP features which makes business owners think about starting a business phone system. If you don’t have an office, does it really matter where your support manager who answers the calls is located? No. With the right system coverage and proper business phone settings you can have your team members all around the world.


Setting up the boundaries, a piece of expert advice

Work-life balance is worshiped now, as endless bad experiences of constant overwork and neglecting life, have led to many burning out.

I did a lot of time where I felt like I worked 24/7 and you burn yourself out doing that and it doesn’t do anybody any good. [] So now, transferring over to getting people to constantly use the office line instead, it’s been a little bit of a challenge. New owners coming in – yes, older owners that has been around awhile, they still have my cell. I don’t want them to necessarily call me at 10 am on Sunday morning and to ask me for their statement, they can send me an email or call during work week.

This is also one of the main reasons why the business hours feature is also highly valued among MightyCall features. You can set it up and only receive calls within a certain period, while directing the calls to Voicemails when you don’t work.

If you’re starting a new business and we all have our cell phones I think it’s really important to get a second business number right from the start, so that you can have an actual business that has business hours. You know, when it’s your phone, your phone can ring all the time: your family, your kids, you can’t just turn it off. So I wish I had started with a second number back in 2010 which really wasn’t possible.


MightyCall is about might and business growth. We love to be a part of our customers’ business growth. Nothing beats real customer stories that show both the legitimacy of and excite the entire MightyCall team to keep doing what we’re doing.

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